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  1. DaPOPO

    U.S. Marine Corps Logo Leather Wallet

    I saw this wallet online and decided to purchase it. As a Marine Corps vet it appealed to me. All were taken with my Nikon D7100, Nikon 50mm 1.8d, and 3 Nikon SB-910 flashes. Semper Fi Marines!!! Oo-rah!!! Anyhow, I set up old glory under a piece of glass and lit the box, wallet and flag...
  2. DaPOPO

    Bottle on the Shelf

    Just a simple picture of a small bottle my wife filled years ago on a shelf in the restroom. I just liked the way the light was going down...
  3. DaPOPO

    First picture ever taken at f32..

    I took this picture at f32 at approximately 1823 hours. The pole and street pole banner is approximately 1/16th of a mile east of the city hall. I am actually pretty happy with how in focus both the street banner and the building are. I used my Nikon D7100 with a my nikon 50mm 1.8d set at iso...
  4. DaPOPO

    Valentine rose and flowers

    Took some of the wife's flowers and took some pics... 1) White balance set at 5000, 2.8, 200mm 2) White balance set for cloudy 3) Set at 5000, 1.4 with 50mm. 4) Brought it inside, set to almost black. Lit at 10 up high, 7 a little high and 5 level... I believe set at f-4.5 at 70mm.
  5. DaPOPO

    None of us have any place to complain about "How hard it is...."

    So, I spent the day at the Houston Marathon today supporting my brother in-law. He is 48 years old and ran 22.6 miles in 4:14 minutes today.... Job well done brother in-law... (He abhors social media) Anyhow, I took some photos of some people who ran, walked, rode some part of the marathon...
  6. DaPOPO

    Katy Lily (I believe)

    It was a frigid 75 degrees in Katy Texas the other day....:azzangel: So I took a picture in my backyard...
  7. DaPOPO

    Wedding bouquet, rings and dads quintessential reaction

    1) Used selective color and liked the effect. 2) Always like dads reactions during father/daughter dance... 3) Enjoy putting the rings in the brides bouquet with the veil if she wears one..
  8. DaPOPO

    Gels and softboxes....

    I told a friend of mine I would help him out and take photos at his daughters wedding... The wedding and reception is indoors where the lighting is primarily incandescent and some LED for blue, red and green lighting... Unless I am incorrect I should set my camera for tungsten lighting and use...
  9. DaPOPO

    Marine Corps Ball Cap, not an official Cover Jarhead.....

    So, as a Marine Corps Vet, I was given a Marine Corps Ball Cap. I decided to try and take some pictures of it. I set it on glass and folded Old Glory underneath... I bought some of those Magmod grids and attached them to my flashes. I was actually pretty happy with the way they controlled the...
  10. DaPOPO

    Robot Photographer courtesy of Square....

    Interesting concept and price, but there is always a human catch.... Click on the link for the Bloomberg article. Bloomberg - Are you a robot?
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    Wife's birthday Flowers 2019

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    Self Portrait with darker background

    I have been watching some product photography videos on YouTube and noticed the photographer always changes the camera settings so the camera is showing black before he starts turning on his lighting. This way none of the natural light is effecting the photograph. I tried the same thing last...
  14. DaPOPO

    Dehaze magic

    Check out the before and after using Dehaze in Lightroom. I painted the sky and water separately using a little less on the water. The rest is a little exposure setting and sharpness to make it look as I wanted. 1 Straight out of the camera. 2 Dehaze on the sky and water... I followed the...
  15. DaPOPO

    "The Blue Ghost" USS Lexington

    I took a day trip down to Corpus Christi and visited "The Blue Ghost" USS Lexington. The original CV USS Lexington was sunk at the battle of the Coral Sea during WWII. A new carrier was under construction at the time at was to be named the Cabot. Out of respect for the ship and crew the Cabot...
  16. DaPOPO

    Raymond, not Charlie...

    Raymond had a booth at the Houston Rodeo. We spoke about photography and he agreed to have his picture taken. Just the lighting in his booth.... D7100 Tamron 70-200 VC Gen1 at 70mm ISO 3200 f/4.0 1/100 sec. 2 2
  17. DaPOPO

    Need Firmware update help on D7100....

    Ok, guys, this should be simple, but I am messing up somewhere and I can't figure out how. I am trying to update the original firmware of my D7100. I followed all of the instructions on the Nikon web site. I formatted the SD card in the camera. I downloaded the update. I ran the update to...
  18. DaPOPO

    Camera Internals showing up on Picture

    Hey guys, just thought this was interesting and wanted to share. The wife and I were taking some Christmas pictures the other day. This was one of the last ones' we took. The camera was setup on a tripod in front of three windows. I believe the camera was sitting in front of one. Maria hits the...
  19. DaPOPO

    Glass Pumpkin in BW

    I uploaded two. Played with the greens, yellows, reds and highlights and am finally happy with the mix. On the first one I darkened the exposure on the fabric to highlight the piece of glass... The second is blown out on purpose for the contrast. My favorite is the first though..
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    Glass Pumpkin

    Just shot the light from below, I like the way they turned out... 1 2 3 4 5