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  1. thierry

    Canon EOS XS, 18-200 EFS IS, 18-55 EFS IS, 70-300 A+++ QUALITY!

    Up for sale is some pristine equipment. All the following items are spotless and VERY well taken care of. Every lens has had a UV filter on it since the moment it came out of the box. All items OBO. For sale: Canon EOS XS/1000D DSLR Camera (Still has rear LCD plastic wrap on, 2 batteries and...
  2. thierry

    Beginner? Novice? Wanna learn? Look no further.

    I have been watching some videos on AdoramaTV. They have a ton of great stuff. I have been learning new stuff all day. Im addicted. Just wanted to share to those that are unaware of AdoramaTV. Check it out on youtube.... adoramaTV's Channel - YouTube
  3. thierry

    Tattoos and Baby Bumps

    Tattoos and Baby bumps by ThierryLyles, on Flickr
  4. thierry

    Speedlight: Nikon SB-910, Annouced

    Nikon has rleased the SB-910. It looks like a really nice flash unit. Im looking forward to see what the photography world can do with it. Nikon SB-910
  5. thierry

    Deal Blast - Amazon Vanguard Tracker LT-32 Aluminum Tripod with SBH-250 Ball Hea

    If any of you are looking for a decent tripod for a good price. Amazon's deal blast today has an excellent one on sale. I have a vanguard and I absolutely lov eit. It is a different version than this but are very similair. Vanguard Tracker LT-32 Aluminum Tripod with SBH-250 Ball Hea
  6. thierry

    ***Amazon's Deal Blast Today - Nikon P7000 Only $249 :D

    Geesh, Amazon keeps coming through with photog equipment for their Deal Blasts! Check it guys: I wish I had the extra $$ to pick up a nice P&S :(
  7. thierry

    A must have book for beginners, honestly this book changed me for the better

    When I first started I felt kind of lost in the whole photography scene. I thought I knew what I was doing, that is until I read this book by Bryan Peterson. It completely changed the way I shoot. I gained an extremely better understanding of photography. I just thought I would share with...
  8. thierry

    C&C | MUST SEE| Beach Photography | Nikkor 35-70 f2.8 D7000

    C&C please for a few from the other night.. First time taking my new (used) 35-70 f2.8 out.. Thanks Marina by ThierryLyles, on Flickr Nikon D7000 | A Sailing Sunset by ThierryLyles, on Flickr TAL_1192.jpg by ThierryLyles, on Flickr
  9. thierry

    Nikon D7000 Battery Grip | NEW IN BOX | ONLY $75 SHIPPED

    I got a new Nikon D7000 Battery Grip, non oem, I bought 2 for both my D7000's but sold one camera. These fit GREAT! Awesome Grip. It makes shooting 10 times better and feels awesome! It can hold an extra En-el battery or 6 AA batteries. Fits perfect, and matches the D7000 exterior perfectly...
  10. thierry

    My current photography related giveaway on facebook

    Just looking out for my fellow TPF members.. Feel free to enter, I will ship it to the lower 48.. thanks! Thierry Lyles Photography | Facebook
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    Man's best friend

    Man's best friend: by ThierryLyles, on Flickr
  12. thierry


    COW! :) Nikon D7000 - Moo Cow by ThierryLyles, on Flickr
  13. thierry

    Nikon D7000 - Boat in Beach Sunset

    Nikon D7000 - Sunset by ThierryLyles, on Flickr
  14. thierry

    L@@K - NIKON D7000 - BEACH HDR - C&C

    Nikon D7000 - HDR - Beach by ThierryLyles, on Flickr :thumbup:
  15. thierry

    Lighthouse HDR C&C

    Michigan city indiana by ThierryLyles, on Flickr
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    BEEEEEER IS GOOD Shiner Bock by ThierryLyles, on Flickr
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    POLL: What should my Facebook URL be?

  18. thierry

    First Senior Session C&C

    First Senior Session: DSC_6287_161.jpg by ThierryLyles, on Flickr DSC_6309_172.jpg by ThierryLyles, on Flickr DSC_6361_214.jpg by ThierryLyles, on Flickr
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    Beautiful Flower for C&C.. you know you wanna look

    C&C PLEASE DSC_6190_127.jpg by ThierryLyles, on Flickr
  20. thierry

    Storm Clouds for C&C

    A break in the storm... by ThierryLyles, on Flickr