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    Help my friend with this acne?

    Great reply! I laughed my @$$ off after I read that.
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    Opinions:$90 Used Metz or $204 New 430ex

    Thanks for the replies, but still looking for more input if I will be happy with the Metz or should just get the 430ex. 250Gimp Money is a issue but I wont go hungry if I spend the money. Allot of people seem to be happy with there 430ex. Mike_E Thanks for the info. but I would want a smaller...
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    Opinions:$90 Used Metz or $204 New 430ex

    I need your help on this one. I am not working now and cash is a concern. What is better for me ? A lightly used Metz 44 AF 4c for $90.00 or should I just bite the bullet and get a new Canon 430ex for $204.00 ? I have been into photography for 3 months now. I have a Xti with kit lens, 50mm...
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    My First Maternity shots....

    Love #1, #9 is also very good. You look very hot in these pics.
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    Okay, wtf is with the new layout

    Anybody else notice that the ad is slowing down the the ability to scroll down the page. As soon as the ad appears on the screen scrolling slows way down. Im going back to the old format.
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    My Motel Room...

    I dont recommend cleaning blood and your gun with the same rag.
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    Lens suggestions?

    The OP is asking what she can get for $300-$400 range. I dont think a $1000 lens is in her budget right now. Buy what you can afford and upgrade in a couple years if you want.
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    Lens suggestions?

    I think you would be very happy with 55-250. It has received very good reviews and and you cant beat the price. I love mine. Im not sure where you are shopping but $350 is very high. $240 at Adorama and B+H 2044B002 Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS Image Stabilizer Telephoto Zoom Lens Canon |...
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    Camera Backpack Suggestions

    Lowepro Slingshot 200AW, I am very happy with it.
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    "Image Quality": JPEG normal vs. JPEG fine

    Thanks for the input Sabbath, Now that I know when to use RAW and JPEG I think it would be beneficial just to leave it in JPEG+RAW, especially with the cost of 8gb cards dropping in price. I picked one up a couple months ago for $35. That is cheap insurance. Having options is good!
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    "Image Quality": JPEG normal vs. JPEG fine

    Thanks as always Overread. Sooooooooooooo, sounds like I should use it as just another setting. Likley wont use RAW for say a Birthday party, but I should use RAW when I head up to the mountains.
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    Can someone explain the AF modes in my rebel?

    Yep, Big Mikes got it right. Simlified: One shot=Shooting a still object AI focus= Shooting a still object that may move AI servo= Shooting a moving object
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    "Image Quality": JPEG normal vs. JPEG fine

    Not trying to jack this thread, just thought I would jump in. I am shooting JPEG fine because I want to learn photography first and have little interest in learning to edit. I am just starting to edit some images with PP and am happy for now.. Sounds like I should move to JPEG+RAW for future...
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    Patiently waiting for Canon Rebel XS and your help

    Welcome Chip, Get a head start by going to the Canon USA website. In the download library you can find your manual and start reading while you wait.
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    Canon 50mm MK1

    Be patient and watch your local Craigslist ads for the MKI. In the last 2 months in Denver there has been half dozen ads for the MKI for about $50. I just got one for $45 in perfect condition.
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    Free camera strap at smugmug

    Not really, they are the neoprene straps with anti-slip on one side. Same ones at the camera store for over $10.00 and they don't advertise your camera brand name. Over a thousand people on the other forum are very happy with them. Heck, just get one for a back up strap. Best part is the word FREE.
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    Free camera strap at smugmug

    Click the link on first post or here: SmugMug Photo Sharing. Your photos look better here.
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    There is a thread for posting these here. Test Forum - The Photo Forum - Photography Discussion Forum
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    Free camera strap at smugmug

    You can get a nice free camera strap from Smugmug. I ordered mine two weeks ago and received it yesterday. It is allot nicer then the one that comes with your camera. SmugMug Photo Sharing. Your photos look better here.