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  1. bantor

    Bad news everyone

    So i was at a chirstmas dinner with my family and i decided it would be fun to take a few photos of the goings on. All seemed well and fine as i removed my Nikon D50 from its bag and truned it on. As i proceeded to check my ISO settings quality and other settings, all still seemed well, and then...
  2. bantor

    Well I'll Be Giggered

  3. bantor

    My first picture post!

  4. bantor

    Several images - Please critique my Personal Photography Site

    Hello all! It has been quite a considerable amount of time since i have posted any image at all. Something i am regretfull about, but that i just what happens. Now, after reaing the "Attention! Please read Critique Forum FAQ's " i have good reason to believe this request is outside the scope...
  5. bantor

    New ideas for post work

    hello. A few weeks back i had a photo shoot with a model. All went well in the shoot and i got a whole bunch of really good shots. The problem i have run into now is in post proccessing. I am tired of the same old things i do to pictures. I play with the levels a bit, play with the curves a bit...
  6. bantor

    Well I'll Be Giggered

    You will never guess what i have gone and done. I bought i house! I can't believe it. I will tell you all the story. It was a brisk sunday (as in two days ago sunday) morning when my mother and step father asked me to help them take a load of stuff up to my moms new house (she just...
  7. bantor

    Calling all Edmontonians

    I am not sure where else to post this so it ended up here. Anybody from Edmonton Alberta: I have a photo shoot there on sunday, and the palce that i had booked to set up my studio cancelled, and now i can't seem to find any other place. Do you have any ideas of who i could call to find a...
  8. bantor


    Hello all, it has been quite some time since i have posted much of anything, but i have been learking, and the pictures coming out of this place are nothing short of stunning! But anyways, i just have to get this bit of information off of my chest. I just went to an audition for a Toyota...
  9. bantor

    Well, goodbye then.

    Only for a week or so. I am moving tommorow and i will not have internet for about 1 week. That will be the longest i have been away from the forum in about 5 months. It is going to be a VERY busy day tommorow. I have to work in the morning (6:00am - 10:00am) then i have to go and sign the...
  10. bantor

    Atlast a nice day.

    Well it was a nice day. but i had to work so i could only get a few pictures in the evening. It has been a long time since i have posted any pictures, in fact it has been a long time since i have taken any pictures. Hope you enjoy. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Comments and critique...
  11. bantor

    Hey Base. In case you havn't heard yet. It seems like 24 is here to stay.
  12. bantor

    Suggestions about art.

    As you may or may not know, I am soon going to be moving into my first place. What I am most exited about it the art that i am going to put on my walls. The only problem is I only know of a handfull of artists. So what i am getting at here is this, who is your favourite artist? I'm talking...
  13. bantor

    So I finally got my own place.

    The title says it all. I am at last moving out of the parents basement and into my own apartment. I am moving in with a friend of mine. I went and checked it out, it is a nice place, a little small, but nice none the less. It is 950sq.ft. It will indeed be a little crammped with two guys, but...
  14. bantor

    My favorite tools

    I took these for the bi-weekly photo assignment of tools, but i really like how they turned out so i am posted all of them here. The physical size is pretty large so if they fit on your screens poorly let me know and i will post them smaller. 1. 2. 3. Comments and Critique always...
  15. bantor

    Your favourite word

    I am not to sure why, but i decided to start a thread and see what peoples favorite/most often said words are. Most often said: Indeed Hm Favourite: Topiary Fork
  16. bantor

    Heart mountain Hike (9 pics 56k warning)

    Good day all, On saturday me and a friend of mine went out for a small hike. We started out thinking it would be about 1-2 hours long. The thing is once we got to the end of the hiking trail, only like 20 min had pasted. So being the person i am, i decided to make my own trail. We started off...
  17. bantor

    The best polerizer

    I am finally gonna go out and buy myself a polarizing filter, my question is what is the best? I plan on getting a circular, but i was wondering if i should get a normal one, or a warming circular polarizer? Also is multi coating that much better? Thanks for the help Edit: Sorry for the...
  18. bantor


    Now you may be wondering why i say this, it is because photography stole my life! I find myself doing very little other than shooting, thinking about shooting, or reading about it. not only that but man does the cost add up fast! In the next little while there a few things i would really...
  19. bantor

    memory Card

    I was wodnering where everybody buy their memory cards. I have been looking around, and so far ebay is the cheapest but to be honest i don't trust ebay for some reason. So does anybody have any super cool links to ultra cheap (and quality) memry cards?