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  1. toruonu


    Ok a few shots of an autumn waterfall. The first one is an experiment to try with a tele lens: A wider angle shot of the whole fall and one with a macro lens of an angle which I liked comments welcome :)
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    Watcher of the night

    The last sunrays are falling and you drive around small forest streets happy with the days catch of nice shots, then you giggle and think that the only thing that could top it now is an owl sitting quietly on a tree.... 5 minutes later you have hit the brakes 100m past one pulling the car to...
  3. toruonu

    Sleeping bats

    So you already saw the caves, now come the ones who dwell there :) #1 - Not yet asleep #2 - why hang when you can just crawl into a crack? #3 - sleeping in a row #4 - totally asleep comments welcome :)
  4. toruonu


    I think every single photographer who has tried to take a shot of a bird has had a moment where he composes the picture perfectly expecting the bird to keep looking the way he did only to be able to take shots of the bird looking exactly the other way... Once you get used to him looking that way...
  5. toruonu


    A few night shots which I tried to take today :) The weather was crap as I had hoped for full moon, but the layer of clouds was so thick that nothing came from it... #1 - Cattail in reflection #2 - reflection of a house behind trees comments are welcome.
  6. toruonu


    Was in caves recently. The pictures were taken in absolute darkness with just the flashlight as a light source. Exposure times were ca 25-30 seconds. The water hasn't been disturbed for a long time so it's perfectly flat (no air moving either). #1 - deep in the rock #2 - closer to border...
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    Last time when I was hiking in Geneva lake area met up with these fellas: #1 - environment #2 - peeking #3 - And you are? lemme know what you think :)
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    Alright, let's start with different species :) First one today will be the dipper :) #1 - stretching #2 - scratching #3 - in autumn environment #4 - just looking :p #5 - cleaning #6 - environment #7 - motion and stillness
  9. toruonu

    Photographer and his subject

    Well been away for a while let me start with a few shots of photographers and their subjects :) Photographer and a dipper: Photographer and a moose: Will post more later on :)
  10. toruonu

    There goes my youth ....

    Been gone for almost a year from here (what was I thinking), am back again on the critical day of the passing of the first quarter of a century of my life :P Bye bye first 25 years :P
  11. toruonu

    A few shots of autumn birds ... as promised Corinna ;)

    well was driving home today when noticed this birdy waiting for pray on an electricity line :) Thought to share... 1. and took these two while looking for row deers and mooses yesterday ;) 2. 3. nice balancing eh ;) Comments welcome...
  12. toruonu

    Jipppyayee :)

    Just sold my first pic :) It's this one: Damm ta daa :)
  13. toruonu


    I don't know what you though when you clicked on the title, but I meant the tits visiting my feeding house :) #1 Marsh tit #2 Crested tit I also had visits from Great tit and blue tit, but they came out blurred as even with F/4 and iso 400 there was not enough light to give exposure times...
  14. toruonu

    Bace's bathroom ...

    ... looks like this:
  15. toruonu

    A lonely chamomilla

    Was out looking for nice new places to map for future visiting (got some nice autumn shots from there and saw some wild boars, a few row deers and a fox, but got no shots of them) when I went to a nearby old known place and the chamomillas were just neat, couldn't leave there without a few...
  16. toruonu

    Feeding season begins again

    It's getting cold and smaller birds are visiting my feeding house more often than planes are landing in JFK or Heathrow :D Made this an hour ago:
  17. toruonu

    First try at critique forum

    So I decided to see how hard I get beaten here for the first time now since I have been here for a week or so :) Here's one about which I'm getting confusing thoughts myself. On some days I love it on some I don't know what to think: What I'd like to know is is it too soft? DOF position? As...
  18. toruonu

    Single leaf

    As far as I see it's coming a series to submit a single leaf pic :D So I submit mine :)
  19. toruonu

    Some deers

    After corinna posted her Deer shots I also felt like sharing a few. Which ones do you like?: #1 - Family #2 - Surprise #3 - Whatta.... #4 - Hiding #5 - Taking a snack #6 - Tried to sneak by behind my back
  20. toruonu

    Second shot at astrophotography

    Well this time I went a bit better prepared and went outside of town for better view. Basically I started with shooting Mars: as this is 100% crop, then I quickly found out that it's pointless :) So I moved to task nr 2: Andromeda galaxy. Well I was able to find it and I played around with...