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  1. Sand_On_The_Breeze

    High Park pt2

  2. Sand_On_The_Breeze

    Photoshop help

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I'll try and use Mr. Venom's suggestions. Did a pretty good job in such a short time.
  3. Sand_On_The_Breeze

    Photoshop help

    I wasn't sure what section to post this in, so I apologize if it's in the wrong section. I was at a book reading and took this photo. I was wondering if there's a way to fix the bottom right corner of the photo. I am not sure what happened. I have Photoshop CS2, so I would prefer a...
  4. Sand_On_The_Breeze

    looking up

    Interesting angle and beautiful sky. Nice photo.
  5. Sand_On_The_Breeze

    Ballerina in blue light

    Wow, the lighting is perfect in these shots. They're both beautiful.
  6. Sand_On_The_Breeze


    Wow, these shots are great. Love the second and third one.
  7. Sand_On_The_Breeze

    Local Windmill

    nice shots. I like the second one the most.
  8. Sand_On_The_Breeze

    House Finch

    Great shot. The dof is perfect.
  9. Sand_On_The_Breeze

    old barn....

    Nice work. They're all good, but I like the second one the most.
  10. Sand_On_The_Breeze

    The new guy...

    Great photos. I really like the second one.
  11. Sand_On_The_Breeze

    A Case of the Mondays (part 2 - 5 pics)

    Nice shots! My favourites are #3 and 5.
  12. Sand_On_The_Breeze

    Weeping gravestone

    Great photo! The dof is perfect and I love how you caught the drop dripping down the face of the statue.
  13. Sand_On_The_Breeze

    B&W Building

    Nice shot. B&W suits this photo well.
  14. Sand_On_The_Breeze

    Long Time No Post....

    Nice series. They're all quite good. My favourite is the sixth one.
  15. Sand_On_The_Breeze

    Three Blind Geese

    Nice shot. I like how the middle bird's wings are flapping down, while the other birds' wings are flapping up.
  16. Sand_On_The_Breeze


    Very nice. Love the detail.
  17. Sand_On_The_Breeze

    Lith Prints

    Wow, these are all great. I can't pick a favourite.
  18. Sand_On_The_Breeze

    More from my collection

    Nice photos. #3 is my favourite.
  19. Sand_On_The_Breeze

    first night time long exposer of a road

    Looks good to me, especially since this was your first try. Nice shot.
  20. Sand_On_The_Breeze


    Nice work. The last one is my favourite.