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  1. jovince3000

    Kid at heart

    A picture snapped from my grandfather having fun with two tiny balloons. He's normally the "serious accountant" type of guy, so it was a very funny moment for everyone. Hope you like it. It was hard framing him because the moment he realized I took a picture he immediately stopped, lol
  2. jovince3000

    How to clean your 93 000$ gears properly

    How to clean expensive camera gear (I am not responsible for anyone who didn't get it's a joke)
  3. jovince3000

    Are hands important ?

    I've just had a reflection on something that always bothered me since the first time I've held a camera and I wanted some other inputs on the matter. In a portrait, more specifically, are hands important to you ? Whenever I do a portrait, I become (to excess) aware of the placement of the...
  4. jovince3000


    Part of a shoot I did for a client yesterday. C&C always appreciated, the only thing that make me sad (untill someone point out something else that is probably extremely obvious) is that the horizon is not levelled in the second picture.. We were on extremely uneven ground so it was nearly...
  5. jovince3000

    Rylee Love Daddy+tone question

    Hey there everyone, Today I have a special little request, as well as the general C&C. My specific question is about the tone map, I've added blue in the shadows and tried to reach a cream tone for the skin colour. I'd like to know how does the skin look like on your monitor. Does it look too...
  6. jovince3000

    My own little model

    So recently I've been taking lot of picture of my niece and I decided that it was overdue to have a more professional shoot with her. I convinced her mother and then had the chance to work with the little sweety for the entire day. We had a blast! Here's some of the best picture of today, also...
  7. jovince3000

    Happy birthday!

    Hey guys, been a while since I posted anything. Just got my arm out of the ... how the heck do I say that in english .... Those things and I managed to get a somewhat functioning arm for my oldest niece's 5th birthday. I think I took some amazing shots there, but I'll post my favorite of them...
  8. jovince3000

    Weekly Challenge 2nd Edition -shatter the comfort zone-

    Sorry, liiiiiitle bit late, new baby came in the familly and everyone is pretty hectic around. Without further delay, here's this week challenge ; GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE and break the rules ! -------------------------------------------------------------- Assignment: Break the rules...
  9. jovince3000

    RyLee & co + new 50mm 1.8 STM!

    Let's make the story short on this one, new member of the already big family added ! Here's the top 3 from the day 1 set + a link to the whole set. :cool-48: I used the newest addition to my arsenal, which is the 50mm 1.8 STM that came out two week ago. I just love working with that lens, as...
  10. jovince3000

    Weekly Challenge 1st edition -Shooting Light- CLOSED

    Since the challenge idea seemed to be well received, as promised, here is the first edition of the challenge. It will serve as test run to see what work and what doesn't and if participation is good enough for the project to run weekly. If at any time you have question, feel free to post on...
  11. jovince3000

    "Shoot Great Macro Photos — with a Cheap Plastic Cup" = mind blown

    Anybody ever thought about doing that ? Shoot Great Macro Photos with a Cheap Plastic Cup
  12. jovince3000

    Assignement project (Name gathering and feedbacks)

    First and foremost, this is a long post. You have been warned. I would like to use this section of the forum and create assignments that would give a good reason for everybody ( myself included) to practice specific techniques or way to shoot. This thread is to receive your opinion on the...
  13. jovince3000


    Hey there, before anyone mention it, yes, I cutted it square =P Was at my house and received my niece with her mother the other day, just had to take that shot of the little model who was basically pleading to pose for a picture ^^ Hope you like it! C&C appreciated =)
  14. jovince3000

    The videogame corner

    Haven,t found a thread where we talk about videogames, was wondering if anybody had this hobby too on the forum? So here's a thread where we can talk about upcoming games you're exited about, what you played recently, little critiques, screenshot, funny stuff, anything related to the gamers of...
  15. jovince3000


    Hey guys, just tried out my new variable density filter. Here's what I came up with, C&C highly appreciated. Thanks! Also have redone my signature, what do you think of it?
  16. jovince3000

    Fire at St-Jerome's school

    On a car trip with my grand-parents today. We happened to see in the distance what was a very dense, black clog of smoke. Having my camera with me, I asked to go take a look. On the scene, chaos, people all around the school, in a very densely populated familly district with the school on the...
  17. jovince3000

    Need help to chose a printer

    Hey all, I want to start printing my own work (from digital) but I have difficulties choosing a printer. The course that I saw had the ancestor of the Epson Stylus R3000 and praised it for it's b&w capacities. But I was also wondering if any of you had personal experience with this...
  18. jovince3000

    1st new born shoot and props

    I've had a close friend that I haven't seen in years ( distance do that ) contact me recently because their baby is due next month and as they are arranging things to buy a home in the area, they were searching for a photographer to take pictures of their new born and I happen to be the happy...
  19. jovince3000

    Just your normal day

    I happen to almost die today The story start like every Sunday. I happily get up, prepare my gears and go out as soon as I can. -Just to notice that today will be grey and cloudy again- I still decide to go out and shoot, as any person who want to get better should do. Stick to the plans...
  20. jovince3000

    The lost Cargo

    Hey there, first work I publish on the forum ; I hope it's worthy as I have no background comparing my work with other photographers. for the ocasion, I went FULL BLOWN akward, I'm not used to black and white at all, I hope this work. Peace ^^