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  1. fwellers

    Janella Farm

    Janella Farm in Asburn Va was a 281 acre farm with a Normandy Style country Mansion house built on it in 1936. It sits empty now, and I believe it's owned by Howard Hughes Research Center whose modern corporate building is right next to it. I took some pictures of it this morning. Hope you like...
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    nikon 24f2.8 vs 35f2

    Can anyone who has experience with both of these lenses tell me if the 24 has as good of IQ as the 35 ? I currently have the 35 and am satisfied with it. But I would like to get the 24 for a wider FOV. However I don't want to sacrifice any image quality. I know I am sacrificing an fstop but I...
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    circle of life

    OOPS. Scared em off.
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    Day 20

  5. fwellers

    why does this happen ?

    This is like an 80% crop of a picture I took this morning of the moon. I was on iso 800 f3.5 1/60 handheld. Using a D90 and the nifty fifty. I wonder why the red ring is around the moon. I have another image ( having a hard time getting that crop uploaded ), and it has a greenish yellow ring...
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    Domke F-811,812 ??

    I just noticed for the first time, the F-811 and F-812 Domke Satchels on Tiffen's site. Can't say whether they've always been there, but this is the first time they've caught my attention. However I can't find any information about them anywhere, they don't turn up on any searches. Does...
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    a few from work and a cat.

    Yea I get bored at work from time to time, so I run around with my camera. I'm starting to enjoy sneaking up on people and getting a shot of them. Snuck up on this VP, you can see the look in his face, like why are you bothering me. 1. Then I got him to pose for a shot: 2. Here I am...
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    another print question

    I still haven't made any prints of any of my photos, and I'd like to see if I understand at all what it involves. Based on what I can gather, basically if I take a full size image on my D90 in raw mode ( 12.5mp ), and assume it is good quality. Then I save it in jpg format excellent quality. So...
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    prostrap wrist strap ?

    Does anyone have experience with this strap ? Deluxe Loop ProStrap Camera Wrist Strap
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    op-tech grip strap ?

    Has anybody ever used or can comment on this ? Grip Strap | Demo Page Thanks, Floyd
  12. fwellers

    12 years in the making

    Yep. It took 12 years to turn my garage floor into art. Could be more balanced, but my wife came home and wanted to park her car on my 'canvas' before I was finished. :lol:
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    a few for c&c washington dc

    Went down to the Tidal basin area this weekend. Here are a few of the pics I took. Any helpful suggestions are appreciated. Thanks. floyd 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
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    is local shop full of it on lens price ?

    I have been eyeing the Nikon 24mm 2.8d AF lens, for something a little wider. I just bought a 35mm last week, and am deciding if I should give it back for a 24mm. I probably won't especially now, but thought I'd throw this out there to here comments. All the online stores have this lens for ~...
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    50mm is normal ??

    There appears to be general agreement that the 50mm focal length ( on a FF body ), is the closest to "normal" or, what the eye sees. Is there any mathematics or science behind this or what ? The reason I ask is that I don't understand it. It may be because I'm not experienced in using that...
  16. fwellers

    manual focus question on 35mm f/2

    Hi, Just playing around with my new Nikon 35mm f.2 and I noticed something. If I try to manual focus, there is a noise in the lens and it's like the camera motor is engaged ( I think it is ). Now, if I put the D90 switch to manual focus, then then manual focus of the lens is smooth. So was I...
  17. fwellers

    nikon 35mm 1.8g or 2d ?

    I think I narrowed my desires for a wide angle prime lens down to the two nikons. The soon to arrive f/1.8G AF, or the already known f2d. I would like to tap some experience here. In trying to decide between these two, I am making some assumptions that may or may not be correct. 1) the 1.8G...
  18. fwellers

    30-35mm lens choices

    I have a Nikon D90 and am looking for my next lens which I want to be in the 28-35mm prime range. Has anyone tried the new Nikon 35mm 1.8 lense ? Also I am looking at these ones: Nikon Wide Angle 28mm f/2.8 AIS Manual Focus Lens $379 Nikon Wide Angle AF Nikkor 35mm f/2.0D Autofocus Lens $309...
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    prime vs zoom composition

    I know there have been threads about prime vs zoom, and am aware of the usual discussions about optical qualities of each. There is an article or two around that argues a beginner ( or maybe anyone ) would learn composition better by sticking with one or two prime lenses. Basically the way I...
  20. fwellers

    Jason Odell's Capture Nx2 guide

    Does anybody have any experience learning Nikon Capture Nx2 through Jason's guide ? I'm ready to purchase this but thought I'd give one last shot asking the users at my home forum here what they think of the guide. I really need a shot in the arm as far as my PP goes with that product. :-) The...