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  1. tmbroe01

    Two Ducks and a Goose

    Here are some shots from a while back that I finally got around to messing with. Comments appreciated. 1. She looks very happy for some reason. Either that or she's yelling at me to get away. 2. You'll see in this and the next couple of pictures that I just kept cutting of the tail of...
  2. tmbroe01

    Cincinnati Zoo-Some more pics

    Just a few more shots from my recent zoo trip. 1. Really liked the pose on this one. Wish I did a better job avoiding the highlighting on the feathers 2. 3. These guys were a riot. They kept coming up to nibble on my clothing while I was kneeling to take pictures. 4...
  3. tmbroe01

    Couple of Owls

    Was at the zoo and some of the keepers were out walking around with some of the animals. Here are a few shots I took. 1. 2. 3. 4.
  4. tmbroe01

    Thunder Airshow

    Well Thunder Over Louisville was yesterday, had a good time at the airshow. Here are some shots I snapped. All I have to say is shooting planes is really difficult, especially when using a manual focus (I don't get very good results with my autofocus). Also, I really need a bigger lens! 1...
  5. tmbroe01

    Hawk in the City

    Notice this guy on campus today. Luckily I had my camera with me. This is probably the best out of the bunch. Here's a second that I attempted to save. Here's the original, which needed a lot of work.
  6. tmbroe01

    Day at the Zoo

    Haven't posted here in a while. Was at the zoo the other day and thought I'd share some shots. Any comments welcome. 1. 2. 3. I know this one's I little dark, but I liked something about it. 4. 5. 6. 7. Thanks for looking!
  7. tmbroe01

    Random Picture - Opinions welcome

    Thought this made a nice abstract image. Post processed RAW image in order to brighten picture and bring out the color. Let me know what you think.
  8. tmbroe01

    Squirrel on tree.

    This little guy was kind enough to pose for a second while I took a picture. Opinions welcome. 1.
  9. tmbroe01


    Here are some shots I took a couple weeks ago, nothing too special. Any comments or suggestions welcome. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Thanks for looking.
  10. tmbroe01


    Here are some pictures I took at a Mototrials competition in Columbus, IN. Let me know what you all think. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
  11. tmbroe01

    You can't go there...

    Well I tried my hand at some post processing for the first time. Just wanted to get some feedback on how it looks. The first one is the original, the second one is cropped and has some work done on it. I didn't really have much to work with in the original photo, so I wanted to see how much I...
  12. tmbroe01

    Noise in Photo

    I'm not talking about the high ISO kind of noise. I've been going through some of my photos and I've been noticing a bright spot in the same place on all my images. It's only noticeable if you zoom in to the photo's actual size. I've posted a picture of it. I know this isn't general...
  13. tmbroe01

    WEBN Fireworks (Not very good...)

    Here are some pictures I took at the Labor Day fireworks (my first attempt at this kind of shooting). Didn't have my tripod so I ended up shooting at a pretty high ISO. I think they could be cleaned up a little in post processing, but I'm still learning so these haven't been touched up. Any...
  14. tmbroe01


    Here's a 350z I took a picture of, down by the waterfront. Figured I'd post it and see what people think. I'm a longtime lurker on these forums, but a first time poster. I just got a new DSLR, so I figured I'd start posting some of my stuff that isn't totally awful. Let me know what you think.