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  1. Michaelintraining

    Photo for c&c if you please

    Hey everyone, here's a shot i took a week or two back. After editing and such this is the final result and i'm happy with it what do you think?
  2. Michaelintraining

    HDR Biker C&C please

    Hey guys, i was on here about a week ago when i found out how to do HDR. But the pictures didn't use HDR to it's full extent so here's one for you guys to C&C :thumbup: I know it looks a bit weird but i kinda like the effect
  3. Michaelintraining

    First Ever HDR C&C

    Hey just got photomatix and this was the result of my first HDR photo. Im quite pleased with it. Apart from the messy room :thumbdown: Any opinions/tips/criticism is welcome.
  4. Michaelintraining

    Help needed on photoshoot

    Hey guys, haven't been on here in a long while it's been a busy few months. Just finished my as and a level photography but need some help. I'm doing a photoshoot of my friends biking and just need some advice. The only equipment i have is my camera (Sony A200) a tripod and a flash. My pictures...
  5. Michaelintraining

    Two new pics. C&C?

    Here's two new pictures of mine. Hope you all like them :thumbup: #1 #2
  6. Michaelintraining

    Uses for different lenses

    Hey guys i'm new to photography and would like to know the different lens types and uses for them. i.e. Super wide angle zoom Cheers
  7. Michaelintraining

    C&C Some shots

    Hey guys, i've just started a photography course at college and last night we had to go out and take pictures around the campus, would you like to give your opinion on some shots please. #1 #2 Thanks guys (Y)
  8. Michaelintraining

    Just a few shots, feedback?

    Hey guys, i haven't been on here for a long long time, so I thought i'd upload a few newer photos for you all. Theres a mix between some bking shots to live band performances and a flower. Note it was my first time for the biking and live pictures. Feedback, constructive critisism would be nice...
  9. Michaelintraining

    Sigma 70 - 300mm

    Hey guys, i was wondering wich lens would be better for my Sony A200. The Sigma 70-300mm lens or Sony's 75-300mm. The Sony lens costs £5.00 more than the sigma on Amazon. Here's a review on the Sigma : And here's the Sony ...
  10. Michaelintraining

    Edited C&C welcome

    Did i go a bit over the top on this? Thanks, Michael.
  11. Michaelintraining

    Misty Mountains :@

    Hey guys, earlyer today (8 am) i went for a nice long walk up Brecon in the rain and took my camera. And every chance i had when the rain had stopped i used the chance to take some pictures. I'm now home nice and dry and thought i'd have a lok at how they turned out but a lot of the poictures...
  12. Michaelintraining


    Can someone edit these for me / Give me tips how to improve the pictures.
  13. Michaelintraining

    Album Update 8 pictures c&c welcome

    Hey guys just thought i'd share my photos with you all. Tell me what you think / how to improve. Bear in mind i only started photography 3 days ago. Thanks in advance.
  14. Michaelintraining


    Hey all im new to photography. Bought my camera 3 days ago and im very interested. Using my camera for art at the moment.
  15. Michaelintraining

    SunsetNew to photography advice /criticism welcome

    Hey im new to photography advice /criticism welcome. Bought my Sony Alpha200 yesterday and im looking fo tips on photograpgy. :)