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    Sensor Cleaning

    Please do not use any non branded stuff to clean your sensor. One faulty chemical can actually destroy the plastic which covers the sensor and the sensor would not be able to detect light any more. I would say watch some videos of the professional about their cleaning method and what product do...
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    Do we really need fancy lenses

    The photos came out really clear, I loved these photos. Specially the colors in the background are faded yet showing the true tone and the colors of the objects are so vivid that you can actually feel the original texture. The photos are looking really real and the details are too good. You have...
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    Tripod Issues

    If you are too tall then what you can do is that you can increase the height manually by some object as normally you would never find a tall tripod. Tripods are basically made in China and in China there are only short people so they do not make tripods very long. I know what you are struggling...
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    [solved] cleaning kit for APS-C

    If you have never cleaned your lenses before I would say that do not do it on your own for the first time. Visit a professional and watch how he or she does it and take notes. Once I ruined my lenses by pouring to much liquid. You should never experiment with your own device as you may ruin it...
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    CF Tripod

    Buying a tripod is one of the greatest hassle as my persona experience is not that good. I was bought a tripod when I was a beginner in photography and the tripod gave me so much headache. It often tend to loosen the screws and once my camera even fall for it. It was a minor scratch but still a...
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    How do you evaluate a photograph?

    A photograph has to be meaningful and full of life. Not every picture is considered as photograph. The photograph has to focus an object and has to tell about that object.
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    Are camera and lens prices dropping?

    Buying lenses from Ebay has been awefull for me. Once when I have bought one lens and it was damaged and I send it for an exchange but they delayed it so much and my need for that lens was no longer there. I needed that lens for an occasion and after buying when I saw the damage I wanted to...
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    Can virtual photography really be considered photography?

    By definition a lot of things can be said or referred as photography but truly what photography really means is that an image that we take by our camera and the picture has to say something or define something. Not all picture is a photograph. Do not just search up the definition and comment...
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    Best color car for photography?

    To be honest white is am amazing color which reflects light and keeps us cold. Other than white color I do not prefer any other color for a car as they are jus shiny and all but the real peace is with white. I would always choose white before any thing if I have to choose the color for my car...
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    Is Photography As We Know It Dying?

    Yes of course the photography that we knew for a long time is dying. Actually it is dead. Photography was once only done by professionals and now every one can afford a camera and everyone takes photo. This thing changed the industry because among all these photography the real ones got lost and...
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    Child on a swing Photo tips

    That is correct. I am facing the same problem, but if we go far away then we miss details. This is the problem I am facing.
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    Child on a swing Photo tips

    Thanks for the suggestion but do you do something else to keep the camera in a fixed position?. We definitely cannot use any tripod as the swing chain is very long.
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    Shadow created after product photography

    I have been trying to do some product photography for my e commerce website. Every time I try I tend to come up with an unwanted shadow. How can we eliminate the shadow?. Should I use Photo shop or I should try to eliminate it by changing the lighting?
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    Product Photography?

    The picture came out nice but you can easily eliminate the shadow by editing. Other than that I would say it is not bad at all. Nice work. What camera and lens are you using for this sort of product photography?.
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    Product Photography?

    Thanks for the brilliant idea. Yes we can do it by clipping. I wonder why I did not think of that.
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    Child on a swing Photo tips

    Yes you are right it is better to delete 30 or 40 picture than to miss the moment. I have tried even more than 60 but could not get a perfect shot. What lens should we use?. Or it can be done with any lenses?.
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    Child on a swing Photo tips

    Nice tips but can you suggest me a good lens for practicing this?. The pause you are talking about is very little and yeas I have tried out the same thing but I guess I have to change my lens for doing this.
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    Shooting a big concert for my first time...

    Best of luck and do not forget to take your spare batteries with you. They are a life saver. Beware of the crowd cause sometimes you slip and there goes your camera with you.
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    For the first time, a camera falls on the floor

    Well I have never dropped mine. Even when I was on a boat one day and I almost fall down from taking a shot, I somehow managed to control my self. I almost lost my camera in the water.
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    What lens should I use for microshots

    I have took plenty of portraits and also many landscape photos but recently I have decided to do some micro shots. I have a presentation and I have to do it fast. I was wondering what lens should I buy for that purpose. Please someone help me out.