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  1. Heitz

    Midnight Dreaming - Milky Way Reflections

    so good it hurts!
  2. Heitz

    Taylor - Double Exposure

    2nd. I'd like to hear the mechanics of this shot!
  3. Heitz

    Six Doors and a Sea Gull

    Rock solid
  4. Heitz

    Bride sues over "worst wedding video ever"

    Well, according to Derrel it DID cost $13,000. For that kind of money I expect a celebrity cameo...and an expensive one...not Shia Labeouf.
  5. Heitz

    Bride sues over "worst wedding video ever"

    Looked pretty awesome to me. Of course, I get the sense that the bride might be, shall we say...difficult to deal with in all aspects of life? Just an impression.
  6. Heitz

    Nikon F2AS

    That's a lot of F's!
  7. Heitz

    Honduras C&C

    Holy crap you saw toucans? Kinda thought those things were like unicorns.
  8. Heitz

    Snow Fall

    Eerie and cool!
  9. Heitz

    Nikon F2AS

    Its amazing to me that a film camera produced in the 70's still commands hundreds of dollars -- at least on ebay. The versions I've been looking at with the DP-12 finder cannot be had for less than $200, often $300. Talk about holding value.
  10. Heitz

    Dead D3100?

    Ain't no way around it -- its destined for Melville.
  11. Heitz

    Alphabet Soup

    yea thanks for the effort. this is very useful. Should totally be a sticky or added to an already existing sticky
  12. Heitz

    Critique Please?

    Yea, you've got several problems, actually 1) the lighting, as mentioned before, is weak 2) you need to put more thought into the composition. Your background includes a chair and other cookies in various stages of being cut off. 3) the texture on the table is a bit distracting Hope that helps...
  13. Heitz

    Mausoleum Shot: Does this need cloning?

    I agree with tirediron. the sky is too bright. I might try a heavy crop. You might lose the statue but it might be better that way, actually
  14. Heitz

    how to convert raw to jpeg-lighthouse 5

    yup export. or command + shift + E on a mac
  15. Heitz


    That's pretty nice. Good macro. Want more color though
  16. Heitz

    Cgipson banned? Huh?

    Free Kevin Mitnick!!! I mean.... Un-ban Charlie!!!
  17. Heitz

    Potential licencing scandal?

    If you zoom in on the face in the bill, it totally looks like a skeleton.
  18. Heitz

    Levitation Photography

    Nice job!!!!