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  1. Jeff92

    Anyone ever go through any of the programs at

    There is a deal on groupon in which you can take one of their courses for 40 dollars, 2 for 59 or all four for like 89 I think. The courses are digital photography, Photoshop, adobe flash, and Dreamweaver which o guess is like web development. Has anyone used any of these and are they any good...
  2. Jeff92

    WTTF: Your Tamron 70-300 AF di vc usd for canon for my Canon 55-250 + Cash!

    I am looking to trade my Canon 55-250 + Hoya Filter and tulip lens hood for your Tamron 70-300 di vc USD. I am looking for the new Tamron 70-300, and not the older style one. I am hoping I can upgrade to this Tamron lens even though the Canon is pretty good as it is. I also have a Droid X I...
  3. Jeff92

    Cleaning viewfinder?

    I have developed about 6 spots on my viewfinder. They are really annoying to me. I assume they are makeup from my gf but I an having trouble removing them. I really don't want to scratch the viewfinder trying to clean it with a qtip or something and I don't have any lens cleaner. Any ideas?
  4. Jeff92

    Should I get the spyder2pro?

    There is one on my local cl for 25 bucks. Is it worth a shot? I am currently uncalibrated and am really new to photography. Is this model any good?
  5. Jeff92

    My first day out C+C Please

    Well, I actually got out today and went to my Gfs brother's flag football game. It was really sunny all day with some clouds over. I am an obvious noob so I am looking for some feedback. I am going to post a few of the shots that I thought were OK. I think I did ok at the game, but some were...
  6. Jeff92

    FS: Brand new Canon 70-300 f/4-5.6

    Brand new in box never opened with receipt. Received it today from amazon. I bought it discounted with my lens kit with the intent to sell it to cover some of my losses. I would like 400 obo, ill pay shipping. Thanks a lot! This is brand new and should be elligable for warranty as amazon is an...
  7. Jeff92

    15-20% off of refurbished canon gear at

    Just figured some of you might like this. I still haven't ordered my camera (2 more weeks) so this doesn't really mean anything to me, but there are some things that are usually not on sale under the canon loyalty program, but are with this promotion. One item that sticks out is the mark II...
  8. Jeff92

    Sd card for t2i? New stuff for a starter?

    I suppose I would need a class 10 if I want to record video but what kind of true read/write speeds would I need. Anyone have any suggestions? I like sandisk but am open to another brand if it will work good. The reason I ask is because I have never had a device that was really demanding on my...
  9. Jeff92

    Would you buy a refurb camera?

    I have been reading on sites like slickdeals that the refurbs are good from canon, and they are a good deal cheaper. I plan on getting a camera here in the next month or two. Here is my dillemma lol. The t3i with 18-55mm lens would be 543 before tax with 20% off canon loyalty program. The...
  10. Jeff92

    Good books to read on starting this new hobby?

    I am pretty much new to all of this. I am getting a Canon t2i in a month or two, either before or for my birthday in may. I am trying to get as much info about this as I can so I can be at least a little ready for all of this lol. I have read through countless pages online and other stuff...
  11. Jeff92

    Free kindle book on photography today

    Found this on slickdeals, haven't had a chance to read it yet
  12. Jeff92

    Hello from Ohio

    Hi, My name is Jeff and I am a college student. I have always had a kind of liking to taking pictures, I just never had a good excuse to take any. I have had some OK for the time point and shoots, but my last digital camera is from like 2005, and my phone (droid Bionic) takes much better...