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  1. HollandHusker

    Nine Months Old

    I just love #3! Very well done!
  2. HollandHusker

    Portrait of a Lady

    So great! The mountain that sticks out compliments your composition very much!
  3. HollandHusker

    C&C on B&W wintery landscape

    Just a trick, did it help the compo?
  4. HollandHusker

    C&C on B&W wintery landscape

    Exactly why I posted this one, I have many thought about how to make this pictures compo better next time, just cant really figure it out. I was thinking if moving the fence to the other side would help..
  5. HollandHusker

    B/W Chicks

    I like the second the most! Nice expression on the chicks face:D
  6. HollandHusker

    Harbor Morning

    Best shot I've seen this week! Very nice! And the D70 rocks;)
  7. HollandHusker

    Father and son - critique please

    Maybe you could post the orginal in the Photoshop section so others can take a shot at it. I think I might be able to let the father and son stick out a bit more. I feel they are lost in the darkness a little to much. I think it is a great idea and concept though!!
  8. HollandHusker

    Make this portet pop out!

    All thanks for your input! I feel that a lot of imperfections that show on LaFoto and Solthar came up too strong. On Roberts try it looks very smooth but maybe a bit to childish Took a shot at it myself, what do you think?
  9. HollandHusker

    Watch it, one shot and I'll take off!

    LaFoto! yes your are right about the equipment, I purchased a Nikon D70s, second hand and bought a Sigma 70-300mm F4-5.6 DG MACRO Only thing is, I need more time!!
  10. HollandHusker

    Watch it, one shot and I'll take off!

    Thanks all, I'll be posting more later!
  11. HollandHusker

    To and From Afghanistan

    Nice! I enjoyed watching it, although a lot of these aren't perfect!
  12. HollandHusker

    Kinesia Deyn Photoshoot

    Truly love 'm! Very very well done, nice location on the roof! Very cool!
  13. HollandHusker

    More Indoor Arena Racing

    I think all of your panning shots are better than your last one! I have never tried panning but I tell you, these already work better than your last one for me! Especially the second last! Well done, awesome colors as well!
  14. HollandHusker

    Glued to my shadow

    W - O - W Great work!
  15. HollandHusker

    Watch it, one shot and I'll take off!

    This is right out of my camera, only added a border. The colors were like this because of the sunset comming up, right before the sunset shot in my other thread. Does it need some sharpening in your opinion?
  16. HollandHusker

    Birds are hating this weather

    I'm guessing they broke out of their cage or something.. This was nearby my house. Don't know what birds they are, maybe my dad knows.
  17. HollandHusker

    Watch it, one shot and I'll take off!

    Really had to rush this shot, scared little deer! This was in The Bieschbos in Holland. Almost sunset.
  18. HollandHusker

    Birds are hating this weather

  19. HollandHusker

    Husker' s back!

    Thank you both!