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  1. JamesMason

    What Payment Methods do you accept ?

    What Payment Methods do you accept, which do you prefer and which method do your customers use most commonly.
  2. JamesMason

    Nikon sb600 red focusing panel

    I have an sb600 which I dropped and smashed the front focusing panel. Does anybody know where to get one of these in the UK ?
  3. JamesMason

    My Daughter

    As per previous hello post. Just getting back into the swing of things. Here is one of my lovely(most of the time) little daughter.
  4. JamesMason

    Hello, Again !

    Hello once again. The last time i posted here was a few years ago back when i was a student, i was young, foolish, naive and often strongly opinionated. I rushed out of university and straight into an attempt to run my own photography business, the work was always of a good standard but i failed...
  5. JamesMason

    Toy Town

    Playing around with photoshop tilt shift. Made for some interesting pictures Toy Town 5 by James Mason Photography, on Flickr Toy Town 4 by James Mason Photography, on Flickr Toy Town 3 by James Mason Photography, on Flickr Toy Town 1 by James Mason Photography, on Flickr...
  6. JamesMason

    Does photography have a higher value in the US than in the UK ?

    I often see US photogs talking about how much they charge, often between $5000-$15000 forthe average wedding. Now there are people in the uk who can and do pay high amounts, but more often than not £3000-£10,000 is a couples ebtire wedding budget. They look at those of us charging £1000+ and...
  7. JamesMason

    Just received this in a pm from hot..candy

    Smug git. Can a mod please get rid of this fool. Btw, the general view is that they do strange stuff to sheep in derby
  8. JamesMason

    Any1 had any experience with this company ? google reviews seem good
  9. JamesMason

    Spotify inv code ?

    Anyone have a spotify invite code they are willing to give away ? I would be very grateful for one if you did. Thanks, james
  10. JamesMason

    Not sure if i like this shot or not ?

    Gouldian Finch. Cant make my mind up, wether or not the oof branches in the foreground are too distracting. Thoughts ?
  11. JamesMason

    Canon eos 300 swap uk

    Anyone in the uk want to swap a canon eos 300 body for something ? Got it given to me and is pretty useless as im a nikon guy and have no canon lenses. Have tested it tho works fine and in good condition Canon EOS 300 Film SLR Camera - Canon UK
  12. JamesMason

    Uk Gov Wants to legalize Photo Theft !

    Please sign this petition if you are a uk photog Petition against the Government's smash and grab raid on photographers' intellectual property Petition to: Abandon plans to amend copyright protection for photographers which effectively amount to nationalisation of photography. |
  13. JamesMason

    Oriental Small-clawed Otter

    Just one from today. Little soft but i love the pose
  14. JamesMason

    Any Twitter Users Here ?

    just signed up for twitter (again). Any1 here on twitter ?
  15. JamesMason

    Couple from today

    Couple of todays sunsets i took from my window to test out. lightroom
  16. JamesMason

    Is someone really doing this

    Digging up every thread with the word cloud in it and writing Please stop, you are killing what little sanity i have left
  17. JamesMason

    Are they for real ?

    Just saw this on a freelancing webiste $10 for 200 images !!! I might give them one for that. The biggest worry was the amount of responses they had.
  18. JamesMason

    Stock Photogs, are you getting a fair deal ?

    Hi, just gathering some info for my dissertation. Wondering if you feel you get a good deal out of your copyright model, Do you prefer royalty free or rights managed ?
  19. JamesMason

    Im going to shoot RAW this week

    After recently discovering that most of the plannet shoots RAW, and failing to convince anybody that this format is in fact pure evil much like the wheel and flush toilets, im going to shoot raw this week. Im off into the countryside to do some landscapes and to stop myself going insane. Maybe...
  20. JamesMason

    How did you get into your current photographic position ?

    Hi all, im currently studying for my degree and am completing a report on routes into the industry. Just wanted to ask how you got into your current position ? did you have any qualifications ?