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  1. sjbdeebo2

    book on shutter speed, aperture, etc

    lol I actually bought it a little while ago. I have a few weeks off and don't feel like waiting for the book to come to my local library. I got it at Walmart for a sweet deal :thumbup:
  2. sjbdeebo2

    Two pics in need of some C&C

    Good thought on the first one, very unique
  3. sjbdeebo2

    Entry/Mid Level dSLRs

    I like my Canon XSi. What about a Nikon D80? I'm not really a Nikon guy, I've been cursed with their products so I stuck with the Canon's lately :)
  4. sjbdeebo2

    What is the best "beginners camera" ??

    Whatever you get take a look at Abe's of Maine. They have great prices. Although they may call you after you order it to see if you want an insurance plan. Also check out for other stores. Don't fall for the $300 XSi scheme the price is too good to be true.
  5. sjbdeebo2

    book on shutter speed, aperture, etc

    Thanks guys I requested it from my local library. I'll buy it if I will need it after I read it. Thanks again!
  6. sjbdeebo2

    book on shutter speed, aperture, etc

    I'm looking for a book that has aperture, shutter speed, etc. I would like to learn how to use these together to get the best out of my camera. Normally I use the auto setting but am tired of not getting the photo's I want. I've flipped through a book on the XSi and also a few other books. Does...
  7. sjbdeebo2

    Hello from Rhode Island

    Hello everybody. I am pretty, pretty, pretty new to photography. I've been into it for about 7 yrs now and this year finally bought a digital SLR (XSI). I basically signed up to learn a little more about photography. I've won a contest in the local paper last year but don't consider myself a...