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  1. kdthomas

    WITHDRAWN: LIKE NEW: Speedotron 402 Brown Line Pack + 7 heads BONUS: 2 Pocket Wizards

    $500 for the set, buyer pays shipping. 1 Speedotron D402p power pack ($630 new) 4 Speedotron M11 Heads ($300 new ... EACH) 2 Speedotron M90 Heads ($250 new EACH) 1 Speedotron M3WU Head ($250 new) 2 Pocketwizard Plus IIIs ($270 for set of 2, new) Everything works. It's about 5 years old, and...
  2. kdthomas

    withdrawn (no buyers) - please remove

    This is for the Dallas/Fort Worth Area *only*. I prefer not to ship it. This is a lot of stuff ... A LOT ... All of it in like-new condition. 3 Avenger C Stands ($250 new ... EACH) 1 Speedotron D402p power pack ($630 new) 4 Speedotron M11 Heads ($300 new ... EACH) 2 Speedotron M90 Heads ($250...
  3. kdthomas

    Scars -- Sara (C&C Welcome)

    Sara, radiation and chemotherapy treatment for rhabdomyosarcoma Age 2 yrs, c. 1985
  4. kdthomas

    Three of Derek

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  5. kdthomas

    Come Back

    Mamiya RZ67 Pro II 90mm (can't find notes re: film, exp, etc)
  6. kdthomas

    No call, no show

    So ... I have a shoot set up for two models, A and B, on 9/17. This is a paid commercial art shoot, clothes on, G-Rated. Both models new to me, I'm new to them. I send a booking email 8/28 confirming the date, time, and address. On 8/30 I send a follow-up email confirming the shoot date...
  7. kdthomas

    Little Branch

  8. kdthomas

    Young Girl

  9. kdthomas

    Some Self Portraits -- C&C Please

    I'd like to know if and which of these you like the best. And why (or why not) 1 2 3 4 5
  10. kdthomas

    Old Gnarly Roots

    Applied some sepia toning and used the tilt-shift filter in PS
  11. kdthomas

    One more of the boot

  12. kdthomas

    More Road Trash

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  13. kdthomas

    Road Trash

  14. kdthomas

    Grass Blade

    Saw this outside the gas station ... brought it back & shot it with a strip bank.
  15. kdthomas

    Bowl in Sink/Reciprocity/Bellows Experiment

    Last night I saw a bowl in my sink, inside another bowl, inside a pyrex measuring cup. There was some leftover ice cream that had formed this kind of halocline ... Thought it might it be a good time to experiment with tilts on the 4x5, but also realized, it was a good experiment for factoring...
  16. kdthomas

    Wine Rack with Mamiya

    Mamiya RZ67 Pro II, 90 mm, Delta 400 in DDX.
  17. kdthomas

    Mamiya RZ67 Pro II - Mirror up for storage

    Hi, I know how to disengage the shutter on the lens for this camera, but I'm also given to understand that it's a good idea to store the body with the mirror up, to keep the tension off the springs. For the life of me I cannot figure out how to do this, either with the lens off or on ... Can...
  18. kdthomas

    Mamiya RZ67 Pro II Portrait Lens

    I have this body & lens but I was wondering about a good portrait lens ... i've heard good things about the 180mm f/4.5 (I'm given to understand this is about 87mm equiv on 35mm), but wanted input from others first ... B&H has one condition 9 for a buck twenty-five. Thanks in advance!
  19. kdthomas

    Out Traipsin'

    West of Denton, TX out in the sticks :-) 1) D810 2) D810 3) F100, FP4 pushed 2 stops 4) F100, FP4 Normal processing
  20. kdthomas

    New F100 Crescent Mark

    I just got an used F100 from the other day. Works fine ... all good. But I developed some black & white, and I got this on some of my scanned images. This is an exaggeration to illustrate the effect, which is a dark band across the negative, hence a light crescent across the image. ...