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  1. emo

    The Showroom

    its been a while.. just want to share this, its pretty much abundant here where you see coffin on display especially on the roadside of provinces. thanks for looking..
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    Mother & Child

    My wife & my 2mos. old daughter :) C & Cs are welcome.. Thanks for having a peek..
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    i love honda

    trying out car photography.. messed up w/ WB, i just adjusted it w/ the color balance.. C&C is greatly appreciated.. thanks for viewing..
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    On My Way Home

    heading home, it was raining hard. saw this tree alone on the rice field, grab my camera & took a shot over my car's window... thanks for having a peek..
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    The Way She Stare

    an old shot l& reedit, took it inside our room using the light from the window.. thanks for dropping by..
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    my wife is 7 months pregnant.. we have decided to name our baby Samara.. took a long exp. shot. & using blue LED light to wright down SAM. thanks for viewing..
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    Hold Your Face

    got nothing to do, just flashed in my mind, it been a while since the last time i put my finger on the shutter button. i still dont have much time to shoot & edit. Thanks for viewing...
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    I got her kitchen knife

    a sort of continuation of the other kitchen knife thread.. thanks for looking..
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    Here's Your Kitchen Knife

    Took this shot sometime ago, i wasn't so sure if i'm going to post back then. But since i haven't posting here for so long & i have plenty of time to edit it, now its the best time to post it.. Ok now here's your kitchen knife. :) Thank You for dropping by..
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    Some IR

    its been a while :).. been busy with work & my internet is sooooo slow.. now that i got a much faster internet conncetion, i'll be more often here.. ;) "country road" "wired" "clouds & pinetrees" Thank for looking...
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    Congratulations, I'm Sorry

    its been awhile since the last time i post a photo here, i've been busy w/ work, i'm just finding sometime to get my hands on my camera from mectic sched... but last month it was different, here's a short story... My wife & i was so happy when we found out that she's pregant. But we've been...
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    Self Portrait & A Quick Snap

    the idea just popped into my mind, it didn't turned out the way i wanted to but there is still always a next time to redo it.. so i'll post it anyway.. :D "Self Portrait" just a quick snap shot of my wife... thanks for looking..
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    Slow Down

    its been a whille since the last time i posted a photo, so busy w/ work.. thanks for looking... :)
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    IR Field

    its been a while since the last time i post here.. i've been busy w/ my work, i dont have much time to shoot or even hold my camera :).. thanks for having a peek...
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    Hidden Plane View

    took this shot last year when i was on an airplane.. thank you for looking..
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    i'd love to have a good flash :) my friend lend me his 580ex, & this is what i came up.. Thanks for having a peek...
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    girl & car

    well.. not the fastest car & hottest chick :D thanks for looking..
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    hhmm... can't think of a good title... :D C & Cs are always welcome.. Thanks for droping by.. Happy New Year!!!
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    had a chance to hang out again with my old skater friends last night.. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Happy New Year!!! Thanks a lot for having a peek...
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    rights when taking photos..