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  1. Kyuss

    Damselfly Dinner

    Was watching this guy fly around when all of a sudden another bug was flying by and he grabbed him up and started munching in him. I had to just about crawl through a bush to get this shot.
  2. Kyuss

    More Dragonflies and Butterflies

    Been hunting Dragonflies and Butterflies like crazy and working on my macro skills. I just can't get enough of these guys. One thing I have learned is that there is a lot of patience needed to get close to them! Let me know what you guys think. 1# 2# 3# 4# I like how they will turn...
  3. Kyuss

    Dragonflies 69 (NSFW)

  4. Kyuss

    wireless flash macro

    Well, I got a SB-800 yesterday and had a chance to go out this morning to test it out. Its my first flash. I have never really been into flash assisted photography but had to get one ever since I've been doing more and more macro. So, C&C welcome as well as any other tips, especially any...
  5. Kyuss

    Some recent insect hunting.

    1) 2) 3) 4) Thanks for looking!
  6. Kyuss

    Macro Moths / Butterflies

    Not sure whether these are moths or butterflies. I found them around outside where I live. I think they are moths because of the hairy bodies but not sure. Been taking a lot of macro shots lately with my new lens.
  7. Kyuss

    Monterey / Carmel

    Went to Monterey and Carmel for a few days. I was really hoping to get some good shots at the Aquarium, but that was pretty much impossible because of all the people there! So, the only shots that I liked out of the trip were some of these night beach shots that I took. Please feel free to...
  8. Kyuss

    Macros from SF / C&C Welcome

    Hello everyone, I got a new lens today. The Tamron 90mm 2.8 DI. Loving it! This is my first Macro lens and I think I did ok with it today. Didn't have as much light as I wanted so that I could have stopped down more, but oh well.... That will have to wait until I get a flash! Here we go...
  9. Kyuss

    C&C on DOF

    This a picture of my dad's dog. Is the DOF ruining this shot or is it ok? Should I aim to have the whole face in focus. Just trying to get some ideas and hone in on my low light shot taking. I know it is noisy, I want it that way. Thank you.
  10. Kyuss

    Sacramento Air Show

    This was the first air show that I have been to with my camera. I didn't know I was going beforehand, because it was a surprise trip from my girlfriend. Nonetheless I am pleased with my results. I didn't get all the shots I wanted to get. I couldn't get over how dramatic the clouds were today...
  11. Kyuss

    HDR Gallery

    This is not spam. I came across this from Its an HDR gallery, check it out.
  12. Kyuss

    Glasses / any C&C welcome

    Please tell me what you guys think.
  13. Kyuss


    I was looking forward to go out and do some shooting this weekend but it was raining. So, I thought I'd make the best of it and snap a few in the backyard between showers. I know the boarders need help. I haven't got them down yet, still experimenting. If anyone has any suggestions for doing...
  14. Kyuss

    Lunar Eclipse

    This is the best one I got... Not sure if this picture works at all. I was going to just scrap it, but after looking at it, it kind of grew on me. It was really cloudy and I couldn't get a clear shot of the moon so I thought maybe I'd try to get a sinister one in there with the tree.
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  16. Kyuss


    It's been a while since I've posted on this site. I've slowed down recently. Moving two times in one year, work....etc. This is my latest.
  17. Kyuss

    Santa Cruz

    #1 #2 #3 #4
  18. Kyuss


    I've been away from this site for a while, been real busy lately. Here are some recent shots from my recent visit to my sister's.
  19. Kyuss

    Photos on Canvas

    Wasn't sure what forum to post this in... I have a question about getting photos printing on canvas. I found a few sites that offer this service. My question is, has anyone on this forum ever had this done? Someone I know wants this done for their house to put on the wall. They want a picture...
  20. Kyuss


    Ok guys and gals. I never really take portraits and don't really have the setup for it but I finally saw my nephew tonight after a long hiatus. Just wanted some input on if these are any good. I know the compositions could have been better. What I was wishing that I had was a 50mm 1.8. Because...