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    I had bad experience with Adorama

    LOL Yeah, my point exactly, it is silly and really very funny... why would you delete a thread and lock an other one because people are having trouble communicating.
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    I had bad experience with Adorama

    I am sure she is great but I am not seeking any help, just sharing my experience. BTW all sales on eBay by Adorama are shipped by Adorama.
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    I had bad experience with Adorama

    I know,,, sorry,,, I am not talking about you.
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    I had bad experience with Adorama

    You are right, things happen once in a while... but I think I should have right to share my experience.
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    Freedom of Speech

    You are right :)
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    I had bad experience with Adorama

    Yes, I will... if my account is not locked for starting this thread right after my other thread was deleted :)
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    I had bad experience with Adorama

    I purchased a new item from Adorama on eBay and received an open box damaged item. Your experience may be different but this is what I had to say. I am NOT seeking any help resolving this issue. Simply wanted to share my experience. And I do not mean any disrespect to HelenOster or anyone else...
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    Freedom of Speech

    Just wondering how much freedom of speech this forum gives. One of the thread was deleted and other locked because members disagreed with a person working for Adorama and refused to take help. Since I cannot post link to the removed thread, here is the locked one...
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    Lack of motivation/spirit

    Yeah, good suggestion, walk it off :thumbsup:
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    Lack of motivation/spirit

    Happy 4th of July to you too. Seems like you had a bad day, we all do.
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    Seattle Skyline @ Sunrise

    Amazing :thumbsup:... Is this a crop or multiple shots?
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    weekend of photos C&C

    Love the 2nd shot, it looks so beautiful :thumbsup:
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    Fields, Rainbow and Sky

    Good shot :thumbsup:
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    Model Shoot In the Morning

    Don't like the cars in 3 and 4 otherwise great shots :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
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    Beauty - Siena

    Very cool, I liked the video more than the photos :)
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    Ahh, what the he!!..... Some fireworks

    Amazing colors... great shots :thumbup:
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    Lastolite alternative?

    You are right, same unavailable-for-business hours/days.
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    Underwater Photography

    Bad Idea! My friend uses this Canon PowerShot D10 Digital Camera
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    I like this picture...

    Very good shot :thumbsup:
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    Some of my first shots with Nikon D9

    Most of these are very nice photos :)