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  1. DrumsOfGrohl

    13 Mind-Binding Thoughts About Photography

    That was great. I like the the ideas that before photography, no one knew what they looked like as children or with their eyes closed. and of course the poop.
  2. DrumsOfGrohl

    A little downtown practice

    LOVE these! Especially #2. I feel like 5 could have been shot with slightly less of a shallow DOF. Maybe just a stop or 2.
  3. DrumsOfGrohl

    Thunder rolls. . .

    The second one seems a little too blurry for me...
  4. DrumsOfGrohl

    Edzell In Scotland

    I don't know what it is, but something about these photos are just not doing it for me. They all look like snapshots. The last one is my favorite of them though, because the foreground is interest. In the first one, I think you'd have been better off exposing for the shadowed part of the...
  5. DrumsOfGrohl

    Photos from the Fire in Fort McMurray

    Wow, those are some powerful images. Thoughts are with everyone connected to this.
  6. DrumsOfGrohl

    Free Food Photography course May 18th

    Looks interesting.
  7. DrumsOfGrohl

    Mountain Lake

    Its great! I kind of wish the sky was a little more interesting though. I think I'd crop a little more out of the sky to make sure the horizon was directly in the middle of the photo. But I think you nailed the exposure and I actually really like the rocks sticking out of the reflection.
  8. DrumsOfGrohl

    Southern bell

    I like your play on words.
  9. DrumsOfGrohl

    2016 Audubon Photography Awards

    Those are amazing!
  10. DrumsOfGrohl

    Driving into the Sun

    Like! Those mountains in the back are beautiful.
  11. DrumsOfGrohl

    New Hampshire Sunset

    I think the sky is a little oversaturated, but I really like the colors.
  12. DrumsOfGrohl

    Interesting article for those thinking of going Professional

    I'm just curious here. Do you professionals find yourself sacrificing the Art? Do you lose the passion for art by having to conform to whatever the client is willing to pay for? Do you lose some expression?
  13. DrumsOfGrohl

    Feedback/C+C Please

    I think I'd crop a bit from the bottom out, kind of like @john.margetts mentions. The picture does look like the bridge is the background and the stream is the subject. I'd probably crop out the bottom right 5 rocks, as they're OOF anyway.
  14. DrumsOfGrohl

    Sunset from the west coast of Wales

    Those red and yellow highlights on the rocks in the foreground are killer! I'm no professional, but I bet you're gonna get comments about cropping a little more of the sky and moving your horizon a little higher.
  15. DrumsOfGrohl

    Arkansas worm cam

    One thing I notice is the blur on the back stalks (on the left 1/3), and a little on the stalks on the far left.
  16. DrumsOfGrohl

    Surfers Paradise Beach, Australia

    Wow this is beautiful.
  17. DrumsOfGrohl

    Best Photography April Fools Jokes of 2016.

    Google Cardboard Plastic was the winner for me.
  18. DrumsOfGrohl

    Video every newbie wanting to start a photo business should watch.

    And will provoke the ire of professional wedding photographers.
  19. DrumsOfGrohl

    Video every newbie wanting to start a photo business should watch.

    This is great. As a musician, I can relate to this, and as someone who's only just started in photography, I find it very encouraging.
  20. DrumsOfGrohl

    A mountain road at golden hour

    Yup, First. I like the greens.