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    my Dog

    those are great, your dog is a ham :D
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    i have a lot of work and i'm willing to share, however, before i do i want to know what is the best way to mark my work?? i have adobe photoshop 7.0 as well as adobe imageready 7.0 also before michael passed he had a cd with some upgrades for them both, i'm sure if i look around i'll find it...
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    What camera does everyone have/use?

    i have a samsung digimax 201, it's not the best but it's what got me hooked. i'm going to be buying a bigger and better camera in the next couple of months, but am looking into them fully before purchasing one.
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    this is me and my deceased boyfriend, michael. he was killed in a car accident on december 10, 2003. aj
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    Hello, obviously i too am new..........

    my name is aj, and my recently deceased boyfriend talked me into getting a digital camera when i got deployed last year. i am a art education major, but never really did too much with the camera, for the past year i have played around with the camera and am now looking into purchasing a better...