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    Uber Whatsit #129

    a leather object or a metallic object.
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    Uber Whatsit #126

    preserved floor wax?
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    Uber Whatsit #121

    Edge of an aged piece of metal or iron/steel that has been made to look old. My wild guess is this object may be the edge of a sword or its handle?
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    Whatsit #118

    Is this elusive thing a part of a mountaineering harness?
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    Water Lillies

    i an 3 rock. 1 is the best.
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    The Morning Walker

    Great picture. Do you have series of these? Please post more.
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    Where were you? 9-11-01

    I was driving to work at around 8AM on I-35W North between the Diamond Lk Rd and W46th St exits when I heard the news on NPR and interview with Minnesota visitors in Manhattan who relayed the news to the Minnesota Public Radio morning host. One person described the scene right after the crash on...
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    Nandkumar I suggest you start from Stock photography - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and also visit the page Microstock photography - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The challenge will be connect with the listing editors who select the photos etc. I also suggest you have a Kerala oriented...
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    Very good colors. Another thought. I use polarizing filter whenever I see reflections of this nature. Maybe some of the reflection would not appear or would be reduced with a polarizer.
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    Hey Nandkumar, Enquire about listing your photographs with stock photo agencies. I expect there will be buyers. Charanjeet
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    Aqua- art

    Hi Nanadkumar, This looks great. Haven't seen many pictures of daily life around spice trading on Kerala coast. Doesn't this take place in Calicut? Is this in your reach? Please post some pictures of this activity if possible. Charanjeet
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    Uber Whatsit #117

    Sparky added the dirt to the cable release screw threads on purpose?
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    Uber Whatsit #117

    Is this item related to the open 35mm film cassette, partially damaged and dust particles are sitting everywhere?
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    Another Trip on 21st, July, 2012

    Nandkumar, Great pictures. 21 is the best. Keep up the great work. Charanjeet
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    Uber Whatsit #116

    Blue lines on an old ruler that you have spit-cleaned and made to shine under lighting? you said "blue" is part of the name. What profession uses it?
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    Arrogant little cuss.

    he is so relaxed, comfortable and confident sitting on the jet ski. Appears to be a future foreign service officer or a Bill Gates. Please pass on my best wishes to his parents.
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    Uber Whatsit #116

    An array of metallic things, on the lines of Bitter's guess, but another object.
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    Uber Whatsit #116

    Any hint on the origin of the blue color? By any chance this is a part of a circuit board; perhaps the metallic lines? You have made the picture by rephotographing a print, which you have enlarged?