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    Sweet Sailboat C+C

    What could i fave done about thehalo
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    Diy suction cup mount

    That is an option ill keep that in mind
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    Best stuff you've seen on Netflix

    Rubber kind of a weird movie
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    Diy suction cup mount

    Has this ever been made im going out sharking in a week or two and got a great idea to mount the camera to the center counsole and put it on itvl time shooting and get some cool pics while were blasting offshore any help is mucho appreciated
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    Rowing Boat

    What is a sooc and how can i fix it if i just desaturate then what thx
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    Sweet Sailboat C+C

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    Rowing Boat

    i was just standing on a dock the other day and thought this would look awesome in b+w i m not sure how good the b+w quality is i just took all the saturation out enjoy
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    Alpha Musical

    Last one looks washed out and i would try cropping out the guy in yhe back
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    Summer Cleaning, TONS of things for sale! Look inside!

    Hell of a deal i wish i shot cannon
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    What is the best flash setup for portraits

    Crazy that you cant use a stand in nyc
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    Cokin scratches

    Will my cokins scratch if i put them inside of a plastic baggy inside of there original case
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    I have it listed on ebay and had 2 watchers and now only one
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    Vertical grip extra battery d40x for dummys original bow manual and low actuations
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    Where would be the best place to sell my d40x fast and at 325 lots and lots of extras
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    Just one of my favorites.

    Nice dangerous looking angle
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    Card readers

    Thank you very much
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    Kittens Here!

    Lol me too she only respects close family and fights everyone else
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    Painted Lady

    They look fury too lol
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    An Elk and a Squirrel from Yellowstone

    Nice elk picture i would love to go to yellowstone
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    The Summer Hideout

    A little too soft for my taste