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    Editing in iphoto

    Can I do acceptable editing of RAW files in iPhoto? I also have PS Elements Do I have to convert to jpeg before printing or transferring photos (to disc, email, etc) I have just started using RAW, don't know why Ive waited so long :blushing:
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    Ice hockey HELP

    the season has begun! And I have been taking portraits all summer. Went to a game last night at a rink with possibly the worst lighting I have ever experienced. And WOW, these guys are fast!!! Using a 7D (new) with 70-200 2.8 IS. I was late, so didn't get a chance to WB the ice so, my...
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    advice needed!! Big Family shoot this weekend

    I've been asked to photograph a baptism party this weekend. Not the ceremony, just the party after. Outside, hot and sunny, lots of small kids, and three month old star princess. The family asked if I could get some group shots of the children (in town for the baptism) they don't get them all...
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    First time Senior pics C&C Please!!

    My first attempt at senior photos. My subject was not the most willing, so they're a little rushed (I promised him only 15 min) I used the creative mode (P) so I wouldn't have to make alot of adjustments while shooting. I think I should have used a shallower DOF on a couple. I have a very...
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    white balance

    I recentely purchased the Canon 7D. When I shoot hockey games, I've always bumped up my exposure +1. My old camera didn't have white balance setting (or if it did, I didn't know how to set it) Now that I can set the white balance on the ice, should I still increase the exposure? (70-200...
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    b & w noob question

    what is the end result difference if you shoot in b&w, or convert to b&w in PP? I love the contrast of b&w shots, but obviously leaves options open to shoot in color then convert choice photos to b&w
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    Am I getting in over my head??

    I have done all the research (saved my pennies) and I've decided I really want to purchase the Canon 7D. I am a recreational photographer, love taking sports pics for my kids teams, and some portrait/baby pics for friends, etc. I think I have a pretty good eye, but my tech knowledge is...
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    Hi all!

    New to the forum, I posted a couple questions yesterday... How do I find responses? maybe there has not been any, but how do I follow threads that I post on?
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    need advice on the Canon 7D

    new to this forum, thanks for any advice! Getting ready to upgrade my Rebel XTI to (most likely) the Canon 7D. I do quite a bit of sports photography, I have a Canon 70-200 2.8IS that I use for almost everything. I also would like to get a smaller lens for general picture taking. That...