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    Sneaking up on Spring

    Sneaking up on Spring. C&C Welcome DSC_2748 by Todd Robbins, on Flickr

    Getting it right in camera, or ....

    Ok, got to thinking about this today. I see a lot of folks talking about "getting it right on camera", meaning of course getting the shot to the look as close to the final product as they can with minimal editing. It seems to be a point of pride with many, a goal to which they aspire. I gave...

    Just a few more from the weekend

    Had a great time at the Henry Doorly this weekend. Spent a lot of time watching the tiger cubs, got a few I really liked: DSC_3946 by Todd Robbins, on Flickr DSC_3551 by Todd Robbins, on Flickr DSC_3243 by Todd Robbins, on Flickr

    A second run at the Aquarium

    Learned a lot from my first roll through, hopefully that reflects in the images I got this time around. Either way had a ball this weekend :) DSC_4663 by Todd Robbins, on Flickr DSC_4578 by Todd Robbins, on Flickr DSC_4304 by Todd Robbins, on Flickr DSC_4201 by Todd Robbins, on Flickr

    A couple from the aquarium

    Not so sure about this one to be honest. It's in that... ok, I like it but for some reason I really don't at the same time category: DSC_9505 by Todd Robbins, on Flickr Penguins really can move like greased lightning: DSC_9349 by Todd Robbins, on Flickr It's orange: DSC_9359 by Todd...

    Favorite Puma Shot this year

    Going through the stuff I shot last weekend, ran across this. Hands down my favorite puma shot of the year. DSC_9005 by Todd Robbins, on Flickr

    Not something you see everyday

    The cubs got a chance to experience their very first snowfall. They really enjoyed themselves: 20161203_6619 by Todd Robbins, on Flickr 20161203_6483 by Todd Robbins, on Flickr 20161203_7323 by Todd Robbins, on Flickr 20161203_7411 by Todd Robbins, on Flickr Mom of course took it all in...

    Just a few from last weekend

    Realized I hadn't posted any of our Bengal Tiger recently: 20161126_4484 by Todd Robbins, on Flickr For the record, not a selfie... 20161029_3395 by Todd Robbins, on Flickr Jaguar, always a favorite 20161126_4419 by Todd Robbins, on Flickr Kind of an fun pose, for a Meerkat at least...

    Close Encounters.. of the Zoo Kind

    Ok, I had an encounter at the zoo this weekend that I just had to share. The shot is from the Lied Jungle, it's a gibbon. For those of you who aren't familiar with them they are actually members of the ape family, though they are often mistaken for monkeys. That's where my story begins. I had...

    A couple from the zoo trip this weekend

    Testing out the 2x teleconverter: Isabella:

    Sigma 70-200mm F/2.8 with Teleconverters, Nikon Mount

    For sale: Sigma 70-200 mm F/2.8 HSM I for Nikon. Fantastic lens, fast, accurate focus. This is not brand spanking new or pristine by any stretch of the imagination. There is some finish loss on the exterior. However all in all it looks pretty good. The glass itself is in fantastic shape...

    A few from last week

    Amur tiger cub Bison in the mist Elephant out for a stroll There is always that one feather

    This place is going to the wolves

    Why I invest in zoom lenses Deciding if I'm worth getting up to chase

    Tiger cubs at play

    Amur tiger cubs enjoying a beautiful autumn day. C&C Welcome

    First test run of the new lens

    Well, just aquired a Nikkor 70-200mm 2.8 VR I. Looks like it's going to make an excellent replacement for the Sigma 70-200mm 2.8 HSM I that I was shooting with, the image quality is really oustanding by comparison. Since the first picture I ever took after going digital was a Gorilla, well...

    A few recent shots

    Puma staredown. Yes.. he won. This is my brother - two of the most recent additions too the Henry Doorly Zoo, Amur Tiger Cubs

    Tiger Cubs

    A few more of the cubs from the Henry Doorly: Nap Time 20160905_0541 by Todd Robbins, on Flickr Learning to Stalk 20160905_0706 by Todd Robbins, on Flickr Busted 20160903_8799 by Todd Robbins, on Flickr


    20160905_1116 by Todd Robbins, on Flickr

    Baby tigers.. and stuff

    Ok, first a shot for Gary A. I call it, look ma, two ears.. lol 20160903_9105 by Todd Robbins, on Flickr A shot of one of the new tiger cubs, Aurora: 20160903_7967 by Todd Robbins, on Flickr And since it's been a while since I posted one of the fellas: 20160903_8212 by Todd Robbins, on...


    Isabella and one of her cubs Pixmedic, if your seeing this, this is the proper way to give a critter a bath. Your ferrets will thank you.. lol