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  1. swoop_ds

    mobile phone Credit Card Processing in Canada?

    Hello, I'm trying to find a solution for processing credit cards in Canada using my mobile phone. I have a blackberry and a wifi only ipad. Anybody know of a good solution for this? I heard of squareup but I don't think it works in Canada. Thanks, -Dave
  2. swoop_ds

    d800/d700 or d800/d7000

    I currently shoot wedding with a d90 and a d3000 as a backup. In the next month or so I'll be upgrading my system to something that is more professional. Here are my current lenses: 18-200 dx vr 50 1.8 150-300 crap lense 35 dx 1.8 18-55 kit lense This system is less than ideal in my...
  3. swoop_ds

    Article Submission do anything for SEO?

    Does submitting photography articles to random article database sites actually do anything for SEO? This seems like a spammy waste of my time, or am I mistaken on this? I write content filled blog posts now and then between actual photoshoot posts, and I know that those are useful. I'm just...
  4. swoop_ds

    1000 person family reunion, they want a photo booth

    I was called by a lady today who is looking to have me setup my photo booth at a 1000 person family reunion this summer. She wants to get a picture of everyone, or atleast Everyone who would like a picture. I told her that I would charge 200$ for mileage (its a couple hours away) and then...
  5. swoop_ds

    Print Pricing

    Hey everybody. I haven't traditionally sold prints for weddings/portraits, but I've finally seen the error of my ways. What's a good price point? I'm thinking around 10$ for a 4X6 and then upwards from there.
  6. swoop_ds

    Client Management Software / System

    Hey everybody, I'm getting sick of using my cell phone and a day planner to organize my clients/contacts. Does anyone have a more elegant (and perferably cheap) way of doing this? I was thinking of using excel but maybe a software package would suit me better. Any thoughts? -Dave
  7. swoop_ds

    wedding cancelled, do i give back the deposit?

    A client just emailed me, saying that they are cancelling their wedding until they are in better financial shape. I already have the deposit, and my contract clearly says that there are no refunds. Should I just keep it and say too bad so sad? I feel bad but its not my fault they cancelled...
  8. swoop_ds

    Anyone ever booked a destination wedding since they were there anyways?

    I'm planning a trip to Cancun in January, and I'll have my photog stuff with me. Anyone ever booked a destination wedding by saying "I'll be in cancun this week, so you save the airfare fee!"? If so, how did you advertise this? I assume the answer is 'no' but I'd jump at the chance to get...
  9. swoop_ds

    SEO Company worth it??

    I got called today by and had a lengthy "demonstration" of their services. I kept asking for their pricing and finely after about half an hour they said that it ranges from 2000-4000 depending on how many keywords I want to rank highly for. Is this worth it? I think...
  10. swoop_ds

    bludomain html site add on

    I currently have a bludomain site, Last Mountain Photography Regina , but do not have the optional html site add on. Does anyone know if the add on helps for seo and whether there is a significant amount of people who actually do not have/use flash? Thanks, -Dave
  11. swoop_ds

    70 - 200 on DX?

    hello, I'm looking to purchase either an 80-200 2.8 or a 70-200 2.8 vr for my d90. I know that there is technically no problem with this but I'm worried that with the crop factor I might end up with a lense that is maybe too long. (I mostly do weddings) on the other hand, an FX camera is...
  12. swoop_ds

    Automatically fix bad family group shots

    I'm wondering if anyone knows of a program that can take five photos of a group and combine them so that everyone has their eyes open, smiling, etc. and do it automatically, or atleast close. I can do this in photoshop but it's a pain in the butt. I saw some commerical for microsoft or...
  13. swoop_ds

    Snail Mail Campaign in Small town

    I just got done folding 500 brochures that I got printing for a snail mail campaign. I live in a small town outside of Regina Saskatchewan(also a small place..). There are roughly 500 mail boxes at the post office so each one will get one of my brochures. I included the ability to enter into...
  14. swoop_ds

    is it worth advertising in yellow pages?

    I know that I never use the yellow pages but some people must still use them? Is it worth advertising in there or a waste of money? -Dave
  15. swoop_ds

    client references

    I just met with a client and she asked for references, should I just email past clients and ask if anyone would allow her to contact them?
  16. swoop_ds

    Wedding Tradeshows worth the money?

    Hello, I'm just wondering if wedding photographers on here tend to exhibit at wedding tradeshows? Also, did you find that it was worth your while? There is one here in town that I am looking at. It costs between 650-850 depending on booth setup and states that 2200 people move through over...
  17. swoop_ds

    eBay Cheapy Light kits

    I've been looking at kits like this one: 2 PHOTO STUDIO LIGHT STROBE FLASH UMBRELLA LIGHTING KIT on (item 140422705582 end time 30-Jul-10 22:13:05 EDT) Are these cheapy kits any good? Or do you really get what you pay for? Thanks, -Dave
  18. swoop_ds

    Headshots for CC

    Here is a friend I shot today (that sounds awful!). . . anyways, CC welcome. They are a bit PPed but she loved them! Thanks, -Dave
  19. swoop_ds

    Does anyone use Digital Backdrops?

    I was just wondering if anyone uses digital backdrops for their portrait work? -Dave
  20. swoop_ds

    Only 1 Wedding Pckg?

    Hello Everyone, I'm just wondering what everyone here thinks about having only one package that I'm booked for the whole day for as long as the clients need. This would be in contrast to having multiple packages with increasing prices. Then I feel the clients would just look at you, and the...