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  1. SnappingShark

    REMOVED - Ricoh GR III with accessories

    No longer for sale - thanks.
  2. SnappingShark

    REMOVED - Ricoh GR III with accessories

    First and last bump. Need to sell this as it's just gathering dust now. If it doesn't sell, my kid's gonna get a pretty ice camera to play with - definitely a step up from her vtech! lol
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    REMOVED - Ricoh GR III with accessories

    Black! Almost perfect - does have a little wear on the front and on the strap lugs - otherwise amazing! Works flawlessly. Comes with Nisi filter system (adapter and mount) and 2 filters - polarizing and an ND filter (unused) and in a pouch. Also includes a spare legit battery for all day...
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    enjoying the lighter, more agile Fuji Xt3 these days. Lighter and even held a telephoto in my pocket. No more broken back. Anyway. Snowscape from my town :) hope y'all enjoy it!! Had to screenshot it from my phone as my export was originally too big to post. Doh! It's been a while since I posted!
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    SOLD FS: Canon 5D Mk IV & 24-70 2.8 ii

    Please close this thread. Sold. Thanks
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    SOLD FS: Canon 5D Mk IV & 24-70 2.8 ii

    LOL oops!!! That's weird!! Gonna change THAT ASAP! CLICKBAIT! :P
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    SOLD FS: Canon 5D Mk IV & 24-70 2.8 ii

    This is a freakin pain! My neck and shoulder injury returns and I know that carrying / using my DSLR stuff isn't right for me anymore. You know when you keep trying and keep failing ... yeah, that's me. So, I have the following for sale. Perfect condition. Boxed. Original owner of all. Canon...
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    Peeking through the fog

    Just taken from my back sliding door.
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    Fuji X-PRO2 and 4 x lenses

    All gone, sorry!
  10. SnappingShark

    Mosier, Oregon

    Here's an updated image - panoramic. I just love this spot for some reason.
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    So I figured this out, and as per usual it was USER ERROR! I was connected to a VPN which was blocking the adobe update. Not sure WHY it was killing my whole household internet though from the router level, but disconnecting from the VPN allowed me to update without issue.
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    Heading back to Canon and need assistance

    I went with the 5D Mk IV yesterday after trading in my Fuji gear, I got a little more than I expected, so thought I would get that. Super happy with it so far - low light at 12800 is almost noiseless! Sure it's heavier, but at the same time, it's tried and tested in the field vs the EOS R...
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    Heading back to Canon and need assistance

    As much as I love my Fuji, I feel it lacks some dynamic range when in a scene where conditions are heavily varied. Also, the grain is pretty noticeable on longer exposures and lower light situations. So, I am jumping back to Canon soon ... but first, a decision and am kind of torn and need your...
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    Creepy grainy and believe it or not, for rent!

    Random BHS fact: Just as I was taking this, a double pullover by the cops happened behind me. Fun times!
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    OMG This is so frustrating. I open Adobe CC and click update for the latest update to lightroom classic CC. 3% and suddenly internet goes down, modem and wifi router require double restarts. I've seen that there are some people who have this issue through Google searches, but as of this...
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    Fuji 14mm or Rokinon 12mm?

    Man, I've had to do that on my XPRO2 and XH1 - It wouldn't autofocus once I switched back to Fuji AF lenses. I had the latest firmware at the time, too - bah hey - I'm no expert! :)
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    Fuji 14mm or Rokinon 12mm?

    I had the Rokinon 12mm and it's a super sharp lens (f/4 onwards). It was well made and super cheap at $200! Great for sky shots, landscapes (focus to infinity) - BUT the kicker you will find is having to change settings in your camera every time you want to use it. You need to set the camera to...
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    Rolleiflex 35

    Thought I'd post a quick pic of it to confirm it wasn't the SL35
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    Does anyone use this (link within)

    Yes, I see stuff like that - I did not click on the links. If advertising is not for you, scroll past it :) Facebook has a deal with these companies to advertise their stuff - that's what pays for facebook to grow and expand. Your personal data data is allowing them to market these products to...
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    The 'proper' number of card slots...

    1 is fine for me. We never had cameras that held 2 rolls of film and backed the first one up. If I lose stuff, I lose stuff. I'm not a professional, so I don't care about that stuff.