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  1. Ido

    Camera and lens for landscape and astrophotography.

    I take it that you've actually tried these cameras? To appreciate the ergonomics and determine which one is best for you, there's no substitute to getting your hands on them. What features, in particular, interest you? How will they help in your photography? Please use this comparison tool...
  2. Ido

    Megapixel Question with DSLR lenses

    You probably saw this on DxOMark, or read/heard someone quoting from that website. They do fantastic work with their testing, but the scores are, I think, way too simplistic and can cause confusion. When you shoot with a Nikon D5300, and choose either the full-size JPEG or RAW (NEF), you get a...
  3. Ido

    Camera Decseions

    This is really backwards in my view. Not only is the Sony a7R II equipped with better video features and capabilities, its lack of a mirror actually makes it easier to use during video recording. The 5D Mark III needs to be switched to Live View mode, where it's not really well optimized — for...
  4. Ido

    Suggestions on Canon 10D upgrade; 70D & 70-200 f4, T6s & 18-135, or 80D

    Canon's 75-300mm have a horrendous reputation. It's probably the only case where if someone online says they're not getting sharp images, I go straight to blaming the equipment. Replacing it with anything is a given. I doubt there's anything wrong with any 70-200mm L lens, but I don't know much...
  5. Ido

    Add full frame to my bag?

    Read DPReview's excellent "What is equivalence and why should I care?" multi-part article. I would suggest the other members here read it, too. In the indoor example you gave, you're shooting at f/3.5 and ISO 3200. Assuming you want to keep the shutter speed the same, and also the framing...
  6. Ido

    Sony a6000 for a beginner?

    No, I don't notice that, because I did touch on it. I asked if that's all you're looking to change from the D7000, considering you also criticized its autofocus system and whatnot, even though I don't understand what you find wrong with it. It's obvious you don't want my help, so I will not...
  7. Ido

    Sony a6000 for a beginner?

    I am sorry that you took it this way. I only thought of what seemed to me was your best interest, as I took from your post that you're scrambling between different cameras to find the one that gives you the images you want. Not only that, but you seem to criticize the a6000 for its image quality...
  8. Ido

    Is the Nikon D5300 a good choice

    A camera is of no more use than a paperweight without a lens. Do you have a compatible lens to use it with, or plan to buy one along with the camera? If not, it makes no sense to buy it body-only. Get the basic kit that Nikon offers.
  9. Ido

    Sony a6000 for a beginner?

    I don't mean to sound rude or anything, but … this is your third modern and very capable interchangeable-lens camera. If you're not getting the sort of quality you wish or see in others' photos, clearly it's not the camera to fault here. Work on your technique and honing your skills.
  10. Ido

    Help with my next camera: Pentax K-1 or go big?

    Start from the lenses. It doesn't matter how good a camera is, if it can't be used with the sort of lenses you want.
  11. Ido

    Go-To Lens

    My most-used lens lately has been the Olympus 40-150mm f/2.8. The focal length range, on my camera, is basically equivalent to what you get from the 55-200mm lens. I resent the idea of a "go-to lens." For each shot I want to take/make, I go to the lens that will give me what I have in mind...
  12. Ido

    Lens Recommendation- Blogger

    The Tokina 11-20mm f/2.8 is a good option. At 20mm it may even be long enough to not be obnoxiously wide for selfies, though it's quite a load to hold out at arm's length. The f/2.8 maximum relative aperture can come in handy to tackle with the low light conditions, though adding light is a far...
  13. Ido

    Camera Buying

    Canon and Nikon are not the only viable brands. There are also excellent cameras from Fujifilm, Olympus, Panasonic and Sony. Those four make mirrorless cameras instead of DSLRs — the big differences are the viewfinder (electronic instead of optical; I prefer electronic) and continuous autofocus...
  14. Ido

    Please help my decision A7Rii vs 5Dsr

    Seems like you thought this through, and actually tried the cameras (or ones that are similar enough). The only answer I'm actually comfortable giving here is, BUY BOTH! You counter every advantage for one with an equally valid and important reason for the other. There is either no wrong choice...
  15. Ido

    lens magnification

    No matter what, if a lens cites a 300mm focal length, once you mount it on your camera it will give the same field of view as you know 300mm gives on your lens. Barring differences caused by focus breathing, which are usually minimal. Those lenses may differ in maximum aperture (clearly stated...
  16. Ido

    Wide angle lens for the Sony A6000?

    Um … why not try setting up a composition you like? If you feel the shot you can capture with your camera/lens combination doesn't stretch out wide enough, then yes, you need a wider lens for that. It all depends on the shot; doesn't really matter if it's a time-lapse, a video, or a still image.
  17. Ido

    I have Canon T2i. I think I want Sony A55. Help me a little bit?

    Take a look at the Canpn 70D, probably used. When used with a Canon STM lens, autofocus in video is fast, smooth, silent and reliable.
  18. Ido

    Canon 1300D vs Nikon D3300

    You keep repeating this, even though it's not true at all. Currently, Nikon tends to use better sensors, but that can always change. They tend to leapfrog each other every few years. … which Canon uses most effectively, pushing the Canon 5DS to 50 megapixels. Quality — Nikon's comparable...
  19. Ido

    Just starting out!

    Download the free trial before you buy. There's also software made by your camera manufacturer, which should be provided to you for free. Try that first.
  20. Ido

    Upgrade and Help needed Please :-)

    If you're looking for a fast UWA (which you should be, for night-sky photos), the Tamron 15-30mm f/2.8 is an excellent one.