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  1. oldmacman

    I'm half the man I used to be!

    I like the emergence from darkness. Good detail in the lit area and quick fall off to darkness. Interesting low key experimentation.
  2. oldmacman

    Soul of a Child

    Hmm... was expecting some deep insight. *sigh* :)
  3. oldmacman

    need opinions on what i could do better...

    NUmber 4 is my favourite because of the angle, crop and use of leading lines. All the shots have flat lighting and I guess you are using an on camera flash based on the shadow in the last image. If you can get the flash off the camera, you will be able to sculpt with light more and give some...
  4. oldmacman

    Latest photos of my girls

    I love the bokeh and lighting in these. It seems dark and moody for young girls, though... are you trying to tell us something?
  5. oldmacman

    C + C please

    Love number 5. Adorable angle, sharp focus and good exposure. Works great as a BW image.
  6. oldmacman

    A wedding shot

    I agree on the distortion. It was the first thing I noticed as well. I like the crop, it helps the situation. I know you were behind, but I'd like the image better if I could see more of their faces. Not something you can control, I know.
  7. oldmacman

    Ms. Jessica Jade

    I love the stretch in number 4. She creates a nice, consistent diagonal that flow from the extension of each leg. There is something disturbing about the edges of the buildings... it's almost like the sky was edited out.
  8. oldmacman

    I Love Dance Pics

    Thanks for looking and for your take on the images. You are right about personal taste, because I love the emergence from darkness that the low key image provides, so I don't mind the dark shadow on the right. The horizontal line from her knee to thigh is a rim of light on the raised calf, but I...
  9. oldmacman

    I Love Dance Pics

    Thank you for the kind feedback.
  10. oldmacman

    I Love Dance Pics

    I worked with a young dancer yesterday, who is very dynamic. It's difficult to tell from the shots, but at almost 6' she stands a little taller than me. Here are a couple of shots that have been selected so far. C&C if you wish. :) 1. 2.
  11. oldmacman

    My first Portrait shoot C&C

    Great use of fill. Nice quality of light in these pics.
  12. oldmacman


    Agree with above. The increased saturation works nicely for the drum, but not the baby. Easily masked though.
  13. oldmacman

    Too Much Detail??

    He's "case-hardened". Tough as nails, as it were, so now his skin looks it as well.
  14. oldmacman

    I will take care of my love

    While the crop is not a bad idea, the skin tones in this edit are not very pleasing.
  15. oldmacman

    Recent Session

    Thanks for looking. In the first shot the gels flip the colours that she is wearing so there is visual balance. In number three, the outfit is for part of a summer series, so I used colours in the warm palette.
  16. oldmacman

    Recent Session

    A recent photo session for a designer's clothing line. C&C if you like. 1. 2. 3. 4.
  17. oldmacman

    Orange on Blue

    Yep, and I have models who do body paint without tops, but I post those on Deviant Art, not here. You can look me up there if you are interested in those images. I am not going to "make" anyone do something they are not comfortable with, but I do agree that the photos would be much better...
  18. oldmacman

    Orange on Blue

    It's showing for me. Not sure what the problem is for you.
  19. oldmacman

    Orange on Blue

    Playing with some colour gels to give a visual contrast in colour. C&C if you like.
  20. oldmacman


    I love the pose. Wish I could get someone to give me a dynamic shot like that.