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  1. tbrunke

    Good Landscape Photos for Beginners

    I am looking for any and all advice on what or where are good places to photograph landscapes, or better put, what are good common landscapes that are good to photograph. Reason being I have a project for my intro to photography class. And I need pictures of architecture and landscapes. I am...
  2. tbrunke

    A little Texas Tech Architechture

    Its the beginning of a project I am doing for my Intro to Photography class, on architecture and landscapes...what do you all think?? anything here? Texas Tech campus has a TON of amazing architecture if anyone has ever been to the campus you would know.
  3. tbrunke

    My Beautiful Black Lab

  4. tbrunke

    Hi from Texas

    Hi Ladies and Gents, I am a college student here in Texas and I am starting my photography major at school! I am very excited, I have always been creative and I have also always had a natural eye for photography. I would love to hear all of you more experienced photographers to ciritique...
  5. tbrunke

    Puppy Pictures

    Photos of my Black Lab "Callie" who is now almost 3 years old! Enjoy! Just a beginner guys so don't be too harsh!
  6. tbrunke

    Fumed Glass Photos

    Some pictures of some fumed glass pipes.. just thought that they were really cool pictures. Obviously had the help of photoshop with these pictures but I just really like how crazy the colors are and they arrangement. Feedback is encouraged... these are pretty odd/crazy pictures. But I am...
  7. tbrunke

    What do you think?

    Some of my favorites from my trip to Tacoma, WA.
  8. tbrunke

    D70 shutter speed issues

    When I am in manual in low light or medium light situations my shutter speed is really slow no matter what. my fstop is 4.5 wont go any lower. and answers on why the shutter speed is so slow!?!