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  1. carolthomasburns

    One of my first 'Baby' shots

    I don't usually take photos of people - especially babies lol- I like to stick to animals, birds and flowers. But yesterday I decided to try and capture a few photos of my grandchildren with my 'new' camera - I say new as it is to me and I am still learning how to use it properly and what each...
  2. carolthomasburns

    Row of birds

    This was taken when I first bought my camera - I liked the idea of getting the front bird in focus and the rest disappearing into the background
  3. carolthomasburns

    Dancers lost in the Moment

    This is one of the people/action shots I have just started doing. My partner is a Northern Soul DJ so I try to get the camera working whenever we go to a venue
  4. carolthomasburns

    Hi Everyone

    Hi Everyone...... I'm Carol I'm new to all this and thought I would say hello to everyone. I'm 52, live with my partner Glenn just outside of Blackpool. I have loved photography for many years thanks to my wonderful Dad who was a professional photographer in his younger days and brought out the...