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  1. oldmacman

    I Love Dance Pics

    I worked with a young dancer yesterday, who is very dynamic. It's difficult to tell from the shots, but at almost 6' she stands a little taller than me. Here are a couple of shots that have been selected so far. C&C if you wish. :) 1. 2.
  2. oldmacman

    Recent Session

    A recent photo session for a designer's clothing line. C&C if you like. 1. 2. 3. 4.
  3. oldmacman

    Orange on Blue

    Playing with some colour gels to give a visual contrast in colour. C&C if you like.
  4. oldmacman

    Bond Girl Cosplay

    Here are a few from Saturday. C&C if you are so inclined :) 1. 2. 3. 4.
  5. oldmacman

    Portraits of a loser

    This young lady has recently lost 120lbs and wanted to do a photo shoot to boost her confidence. Here are a couple shots from the session. 1. 2.
  6. oldmacman

    Graphic Novel Styled Session

    Here is a pic from Saturday's session. 2 hrs of body painting, not including the time I took to airbrush the mask. The lighting blew through the paint in some areas, which is something I will have to watch for the next time.
  7. oldmacman

    Pez Lover

    One of several product outfits shot for a local designer. Still have to process the set (bit of seamless in top left and an unknown orange bit on the right side), but I love how cute this one came across. C&C welcome.
  8. oldmacman

    Two from Yesterday

    1. 2.
  9. oldmacman

    Rogue Shoot

    Having some fun with a home made Rogue costume of X-Men. Shot in low key and then composited with an X symbol.
  10. oldmacman

    Body Painting

    This is my first real go with some body painting. I have an issue white the white paint flaking, so I may have applied it too thickly. It was also the first colour to go on, so it could just be wear from time. NUmber 1 is actually the last shot from the session. By that point I had removed the...
  11. oldmacman

    Air brushing

    This is my third attempt at airbrushing, so I am still discovering new things to watch out for... I still like what we did. :) The victim, err model, is my compliant daughter. The first pic is a crop to show where I need to pay attention with coverage. The makeup looks fine in normal light, then...
  12. oldmacman

    Processing Direction for C&C

    These shots are T-shirt promos for the band Dawn Vally (sic). Trying for a dark, gritty, moody feel so these shots have all received similar but varied processing. Let me know if something tweaks with you on the processing. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
  13. oldmacman

    Faux Fur

  14. oldmacman

    Flowing Fabric Series

    This image is part of a new series I am working on. Sanitized for the forum, you can check out the rest of the pics here.
  15. oldmacman

    A couple of high key shots

    Just sharing. Comment if you like. 1. 2.
  16. oldmacman

    Dirty Pictures?

    Just sharing, but comment if you like.
  17. oldmacman

    Natural Light - NSFWish

    I have been so accustomed to working with strobes lately, that I haven't even considered available light, even outside. Here are a few where I consciously choose to leave the strobes in the bag and worked with a silver reflector. Just sharing, but comment if you like. 1. 2. 3. 4.
  18. oldmacman

    Recent BW - NSFWish

    Just sharing. Comment if you like.
  19. oldmacman

    Happy Halloween

    I had a friend that wanted to do a Halloween themed shoot. Here are a few images from the fun. These are not for serious critique, but feel free to comment if you like: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  20. oldmacman

    Another Wreck the Dress

    This session didn't turn out great, mostly because of trying to coordinate schedules and not having the best time of day to shoot. The concept was to wreck the wedding dress, which I know is not new, but it is the closest I will ever get myself to shooting a bride. I like the shots in the nearby...