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  1. Rob_

    Filter system confusion! Help!

    I am looking to build a filter system for my landscape work. I have a Canon 5D MKII and I use a Canon 17-40 F4/L for my work. I first began by looking at the Lee filter system (The LEE Camera Filters System - Includes Filter Holders, Adaptor Rings and Lens Hoods) which looks great, but it's...
  2. Rob_

    Canon 5D MKII Battery grips

    Hey all, I'm thinking of picking up a battery grip for my 5D MKII. Canon's is outrageous, and I don't see too many good reviews for the off brand competitors. I was wondering if any of you have been using off brand grips, or Canon grips, and what are your opinions?
  3. Rob_

    Remote Shutter Release

    Hey all, I have a Canon 5D MKII, and I was looking to get a cable release. I've seen the ones from Canon, and everybody is saying they're very much over priced, I agree. I was wondering what suggestions you guys have for wired, or wireless releases at a good price?
  4. Rob_

    Need some tips on shooting a friend

    I have a friend who wants me to take pictures of her one day. She claims to be highly un-photogenic as she claims she is somewhat light skinned and has odd bone structure. I was wondering if you guys have any tips for getting solid pictures out of un-photogenic people.
  5. Rob_

    Having trouble with focus at night.

    I've recently started to get more in to photography at night, I took this picture last night: imgur: the simple image sharer and I use the Canon EOS T3, and the LCD does not show problems too well. On the LCD this image looked amazing, I get home only to be disappointed. I used a Canon 50mm 1.8...
  6. Rob_

    Need a solid wide angle lens that doesn't cost a fortune.

    I am interested in some Landscape/Cityscape photography, and I was wanting to look into getting a wide angle lens, most are prime lenses. For one reason or another I was looking for a wide angle zoom, but they're all L lenses which are outrageous for me right now, or EF-S lenses which I do not...
  7. Rob_

    Want new zoom lens, torn on choices. Help!

    I'm looking to get a new lens for zoom, and I'm currently torn between two choices (listed below): and Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM Lens...
  8. Rob_

    Confused on Neutral Density Filters

    I'm looking to pick up a ND Filter, as to my understanding they're good for taking pictures in broad daylight, among other things. One thing that confuses me is the F stop reduction. What is best here? .3? .6? Is there a best one for all use?
  9. Rob_

    C&C Please

    Took this earlier today. Was a bit cloudy out. I edited in post to try and give a "dream" effect to it. What do you think? dreampier by Robbiebrewer, on Flickr
  10. Rob_

    Suggestions on new lens

    Hey guys, I'm thinking about pick up the Canon EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM and was wondering if anybody uses it, has used it, and what are your opinions, or suggestions? I'm looking for a general all purpose lens, and can't quite spring for a decent Telephoto lens yet. I really do all kinds of...
  11. Rob_

    C&C Please

    Hey guys, somewhat new to it all here, would love to get some C&C