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  1. Rahb

    SOLD: Canon 24-70 2.8L II USM Like New

    Barely used Canon24-70 2.8L II USM Like New No bumps, scratches, dings, or dents. Never even been used outside. Price: $850
  2. Rahb

    No word association?

  3. Rahb

    Beginner looking for critique

    I like the look of the first shot. Like dxqcanada, the second one does nothing for me personally. The third one seems flat, and just too much dead space. The skyline is too low in my opinion, and with it being a silhouette of the skyline, there needs to be deth and shadows other places, but...
  4. Rahb

    No word association?

  5. Rahb

    No word association?

  6. Rahb


    Well, for better or worst I came up with an idea. The first attempt was too busy. To much in the scene, to many different light sources, it just wasn't what I was envisioning. The second attempt is what I'm going to go with. Storytelling: Self Portrait
  7. Rahb

    Last set of 2018

    Doh, well it looks awesome. Guess I’m more of a bird of prey type
  8. Rahb

    Prohodna Cave - The Eyes of God

    Great image
  9. Rahb

    Last set of 2018

    Love the hawk image
  10. Rahb

    Two Sitters looking backwards

    Wonderful. I’ve only ever seen one in person. To capture 2 on the same branch...
  11. Rahb

    Trail Ridge Lights

    Wonderful image. I need to try to learn how to get images of the night sky like that. Have to find somewhere with a little less light noise though
  12. Rahb

    Dallas/Fort Worth Area

    Used to be a member of Texas Photo Forum, but that died out. Enjoyed meetups back then.
  13. Rahb

    my latest work

    Way better at posing than I am. Backgrounds aren’t distracting. Shot 3 I’d light her face a little more since the sky is so bright, but they look good to me.
  14. Rahb

    Charles Bridge Prague

    Looks like they are Christian prisoners being ransomed. Interesting
  15. Rahb

    Charles Bridge Prague

    Would love to know the story of these statues. Your shot makes me want to look into I shall. Peaked my interest!
  16. Rahb

    Overlook at night

    I like the landscape. Can’t get the image to open larger, but I like a lot about the shot. Not a fan of the placement of the subject. Maybe would have been better on the 1/3 to the right. Maybe on the rock with one peck bent higher than the other. Looking more like she climbed or hiked...
  17. Rahb

    Picked up a fuji t20 on clearance

    Fuji glass is amazing imo. I personally haven’t put an off rand on any of my Fuji models. As said earlier, even the “kit lens” is pretty remarkable. I currently have the X-E3, but I still have my X-E2. Went with those models because I like that they are a little smaller for every day use, but...
  18. Rahb

    Zoom Blur Experiment

    Looks like fireworks
  19. Rahb

    Attitude and Bubble Gum

    I like the magenta, but it is a bit bright on her. Helps put her in the scene (I’m assuming that she has been placed on the background as a composition) The thing that detaches it for me is the reflection. It appears those are made of another image that doesn’t have the same color cast...
  20. Rahb

    Mountain Times

    Looks so surreal. Is this HDR? I only ask because if so, you did a great job of making it look natural, and if not, you captured amazing dynamic range here. I want to visit this place very bad now.