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  1. myvinyl333

    Burst mode in RAW D800 issue

    I have not used the D800 for 3 years (Disclaimer) I have it set to Ch and I get 2 shots? Memory card issue or set to RAW? The A7 is machine gun style... Lol
  2. myvinyl333

    FX lens - D800 Equals FX Image Area?

    Shooting all FX glass on a D800. I have heard that using DX crop gives a sharper image? I was under the impression if you have FX glass on an FX body your image area is FX? I shoot concerts and use spot metering as not to get unwanted focused mic stands. The FX is 1.0?
  3. myvinyl333

    Mud Morganfield Eldest Son of "Muddy" & Rob Garcia

    Recently resumed shooting concerts (Blues/Jazz.) Sony A7 with Zeiss FE 4 24 x70 Rob Garcia (NY) with Daniel Kelly "Voice of Coe" Sony A7 Fotodiox Pro Adapter to Nikon 70-200 2.8. The adapter is rather clumsy. I found using shutter priority better, but still disappointed.
  4. myvinyl333

    Full Frame Nikon to Sony E Mount Adapter Recommendations?

    I have the Fotodiox Pro Nik (G) -NEX D Click adapter. It is not as efficient as I was told. I tried it in a Nikon 24MM prime and it was pretty good. The real disappointment came with my Nikon 7-200mm 1:2.8GII. I called B&H and they could not recommend a full frame adapter that is better than the...
  5. myvinyl333

    FS: Think Tank Modular System

    Selling my Think Tank Modular system purchased direct from It was used for concert photography: Nikon D800, 24X 70 - 70 x 200 lenses, and accessories. I am moving to a lighter set-up. Like new condition. Contact me with questions. I have not had a need to part with my camera...
  6. myvinyl333

    WANTED: Leather Camera Strap-Sony a7 (used or new)

    Looking for a vintage or new leather camera strap for my Sony.
  7. myvinyl333

    Selling DSRL Equipment

    Bought the Sony a7 and slowly picking up Sony lenses. I am up to four, all of which will allow me to shoot most live music events in small venues. Although I do not have the funds the members on Steve Huff's site, I can get many insights. I may list them on TPF?
  8. myvinyl333

    Done with Adobe

    LR 2-5 is about to be discontinued on my Mac and PC. It is too cumbersome and I HATE the CLOUD! Not looking for open source. If there is a "kind" soul with "experience" outside of Adobe I would appreciate some advice- Thank You in advance
  9. myvinyl333

    Wanted Sony A7 accessories (Flash?)

    Have: 35mm, Rokio 14mm, 24x70mm Open to anything... Thanks
  10. myvinyl333

    Gear advice needed - Sony FE Lenses

    I could use some advice for a package of lenses for live music shooting. I have been looking at the Sony24mm f/1.8 ZA E-Mount Carl Zeiss Sonnar Lens and the 70x200 (although it is two pounds.) I need a long lens? 85 prime? Low light music venue... Here are choices Alpha A-mount and E-mount...
  11. myvinyl333

    Looking for budding Live Music Photographers-Intern

    I have been unable to shoot concerts and have started an internship for people who want to get their feet wet shooting Live Music and posting them to LGS. Here is all the information. We have a couple now in CA/Chicago. LGS Internship Info
  12. myvinyl333

    WTB FE Lenses/Sony 7a

    Looking to get some lenses for my Sony a7/perforable without the use of an adaptor? Thanks
  13. myvinyl333

    Gear advice needed - Sony FE Lenses

    I have been absent from,TPF and Live Gig Shots for quite sometime due to back injury that has resulted in lifestyle changes. Good new is thag I am on my way back to shooting concerts. No more arena/rock shows, rather jazz/blues clubs. I need to sit as much as possible (back issues.) I got a...
  14. myvinyl333

    Online Photo School/Class Recc's

    I want to enroll/take classes on photography online starting in September. I am not a beginner but by the time I can pick up my camera and actually shoot, I will be starting over. I am unable to attend community college or club classes so online is my only real option. I have nothing but time...
  15. myvinyl333

    Adding Sony A7 need guidance as I go

    I am going to get a Sony A7 as my primary camera due to a disability that has stopped me from working or shooting. I had to retire and will have reading time (LOL) as well as time to learn the Sony A7. My thought was to make it a prime lens rig as I know little as to e mount lenses, how do I...
  16. myvinyl333

    WTB Sony A7 Lenses

    In search of a pre owned Sony A7 and lenses. I have been unable to shoot for 6 months due to a back accident thus I need a light full frame setup. Thank You George
  17. myvinyl333

    WTB Nikon D600 or lightweight DSRL

    Due to an accident I am in need of Lightweight DSRL. D600 is preferred will consider others-Thanks
  18. myvinyl333

    SRL concert shooting days may be over

    I am considered fully disabled via workman's compensation due to a back injury, had back surgery in January that resulted in nerve damage. I finally took my D800 and tried to do some outdoor shooting for 45 mins. I did most with a tripod and only a couple hand held. I can no longer steady myself...
  19. myvinyl333

    Change website name

    We decided to change our website name It was too non descriptive and very dated. Our new name is Live Gig Shots. I no longer resemble Jerry Garcia after cutting my hair, loosing 110lbs which really made the name STUPID. :afro::afro:
  20. myvinyl333

    Need semi beginners on-line lesson.classes suggestions- for a friend

    I am stumped. A person who shoots for us needs a on-line lesson based class and my suggestions are, although I have not use it I read here that it is a top choice. She needs a good aperture, white balance, etc. explanation tutorials. Books seem not to sink in. Money is also an issue...