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  1. spiralout462

    First Eagle this spring!

    I've been watching a nest. This mature adult took off unexpectedly but I got em. Canon T6s with an EF300 f4 is. 1/1000 f6.3
  2. spiralout462

    Carolina Christmas

    Carolina Wren that is.... :)
  3. spiralout462

    Pileated Woodpecker

    I'm happy to finally get this guy out in the open.
  4. spiralout462

    Osprey at dusk

    Went to check on an Eagle nest and found this specimen. Unfortunately, I totally dropped the ball when he took flight.
  5. spiralout462

    Snake portrait

  6. spiralout462

    Snake portrait

    Today in the garden.......
  7. spiralout462

    Autum sunset!

    I love the change of seasons. The hot, hazy, big sun, sunsets were getting old. :) I don't usually post in this forum, but I think these turned out OK. I appreciate any feedback.
  8. spiralout462

    She sells seashells....

    Ilford FP4
  9. spiralout462

    Osprey success!

    I have been watching a nesting pair for several months. I have not been able to get very close at all. Certainly not close enough for my 300mm f4. This morning I finally got close enough with a 1.4tc. He/she flew right towards me!
  10. spiralout462

    Shadows fall

    Taken and converted to monochrome with a Galaxy s5.
  11. spiralout462


    This was the first day out with my "new" FD 135 f2.8. Using either Porta 160 or Vista 200.
  12. spiralout462

    Today's delivery

    B & H must think I'm confused! :) The APX is a new one for me. The others are standbys it seems.
  13. spiralout462

    Some recent avian....

    To busy working to do much shooting but I managed to upload a couple tonight... Barn Swallow. Fresh out of the nest!! Great Egret. Stare down. Juvenile Cardinal
  14. spiralout462


    My Niece yesterday. Canon 300 f4 is, Canon T6s.
  15. spiralout462

    New birds

    Summer Tanager. Female Red Winged Blackbird raising hell. I got a Canon 10-18mm STM today. It was quite a bargain, refurbished from Canon! I can't seem to insert this first shot with it but here it is attached nonetheless. It should be fun for a little while anyway. I now have every...
  16. spiralout462

    Another try at better scans

    Here is what has just been developed, scanned, and uploaded from "The Darkroom". A little better than Dwayne's. I'm still on the fence about purchasing a scanner. I wish a manufacturer would put one in front of me that checks all the boxes! Needles to say, these were shrunk even more to post...
  17. spiralout462

    A couple of colorful creatures.

    From yesterday..... Tricolored heron bug love...
  18. spiralout462

    Asstorted air action from today

    I finally got a chance to actuate a few shutters today! Here's what I witnessed............. Barn Swallow This poor Juvenile Eagle was getting mobbed by Seagulls relentlessly!! Glossy Ibis flock Navy helo. There was some pretty rough light, but I'll take it sine I haven't shot...
  19. spiralout462


    Chincoteague VA. Kodak Porta 160