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  1. Rahb

    SOLD: Canon 24-70 2.8L II USM Like New

    Barely used Canon24-70 2.8L II USM Like New No bumps, scratches, dings, or dents. Never even been used outside. Price: $850
  2. Rahb


    So, I'm wanting to work more on my photography. I decided I'm going to do the Dogwood 52 Week challenge, and try to participate in as many "challenges" on this forum as I can. I want to push myself out of my comfort zone. Wouldn't you know it, week 1 is stumping me. The 2019 challenge has...
  3. Rahb

    Considering selling my Canon 70D and lenses

    Checking interest in my Canon 70D in EXCELLENT condition. Barely used since I upgraded from 60D. Started using my mirrorless camera more and more, and carry that with me daily. Seeing if there is interest, if not, I will keep for when my daughter begins sports, as these f2.8 lenses did great...
  4. Rahb

    Data Loss again...

    2 years ago I stored everything on an External Hdd, then that ext Hdd hit the ground while plugged in, dat loss (idiot, should have backed up) Salvaged SOME jpgs from previews in Lightroom,but all files gone. Last night, working with an ext HD,need to back these files up so I don't lose...
  5. Rahb

    A few from Hawaii

    These are a few shots I took while I was in Hawaii back in October. Just some vacation shots, nothing that would win a prize or anything 1) View from Diamond Head 2) Waikiki Beach from Diamond Head 3) Worst Staircase EVER (thinking of making this one B&W, bumping the contrast and adding...
  6. Rahb

    Canon 24-70 f4 is OR sigma 24-105 f4 os?

    Trying to decide between canon 24-70 L f4 IS or the Sigma 24-105 Art f4 OS. Art has more range (but I have a 79-200) Canon has macro (not that I will always use it) Weather seal doesn't mater to me, and the body I have is crop. Canon 70D Any input? $100 difference.
  7. Rahb

    A couple of firsts....

    I'm timid sharing this, but I guess some feedback would only help me improve in areas I need to work on. This is my first time expecting a child (my wife and I that is). This is also my first time using a studio flash setup (bought a cheap setup for recording a weekly photo of the...
  8. Rahb

    Sold: Canon 60D (Body Only)

    Canon 60D Body, battery, charger, documents Good condition, minor blemishes visible in photos. Purchased a 70D and getting rid of this body Asking price $485, would love to find someone local in DFW Texas to sell in person, but will deal with paypal if I must. Otherwise it is going on...
  9. Rahb

    Stanley Keg C&C

    Okay, this was the finals for this division. I went and tried to listen to some advice a few of you gave me. Tried to shoot in 1600, but I just couldn't stand the noise at 3200. Half the shots I did were at 2000 or 2500, those just happened to not be composed very well (cut off skates, heads...
  10. Rahb

    Been around, now I'm back

    Hello, my name is Robert, and I'm in the DFW, TX area. I joined ThePhotoForum years ago. Back then I had a Canon300D and some beginner gear. I have since been committed to my career and didn't have much time, or rather didn't make much time, for photography. I'm a bit of a tech geek and like...
  11. Rahb

    Hockey....I'm learning

    C & C welcome. These are shots I take of a friends team. I play in a lower league, and I shoot their games any time they play before or after mine. I'm working on framing and capturing the right timing. Sometimes it's hard to realize the shots aren't exactly level when you have weird...
  12. Rahb


    C&W Welcome. These are some shots I took while at the Dallas Arboretum Chihuly exhibit. I thought these few turned out pretty good, wanted some input.......i think 1 2 3 4 5 All were shot at ISO200 with Canon 60D; f4 on the Sigma 50mm 1.4 lens. Shutter speed ranged as high as 1/2500 in...
  13. Rahb

    Yes, another Newbie, sorry

  14. Rahb

    White Balance

  15. Rahb

    First pics

  16. Rahb

    NEVER buy a BB Service Plan

    NEVER EVER PURCHASE a computer (laptop or otherwise) from Best Buy with a Service Plan. I spent the extra money thinking hey if any thing goes wrong............I was wrong. My wife's laptop DVD rom stopped working, we sent it in...they wiped the Hard Drive and it took 2 weeks, I sent it in a...
  17. Rahb

    WTB: Sigma 18-125

    Looking for a canon mount Sigma 18-125. anyone have one they have replaced recently? Rahb
  18. Rahb

    WTB: Canon 28-105 USMII

    Interested in purchasing a used Canon 28-105 USM II lens, or a Sigma 18-125. Let me know if anyone is getting rid of any. I have a Canon 300d, and I'm just looking for a walk around lens that will give me some clearer images than my stock 35-80mm lens that came with my canon rebel XS body. Thx
  19. Rahb

    Tamron AF18-200MM F/3.5-6.3 XR Di II

    I'm looking at this for my Canon. For starters I have the 300d. The lenses I have are a 35-80mm kit lens for the rebel xs, a 50mm 1.8, and a 100-300 US. I'm looking for something a little more everday and somethign that can get a little bit of a wide angle for some shots. Indoors I would use...
  20. Rahb

    Flash insert

    Ok, I'm new to flash/dreamweaver. I made a flas slideshow using cs2 bridge. Id gave me an xml file to edit settings, a flash object, and an index. The index is what runs the slideshow....or rather "is" the "slideshow". OK guidance needed. Using either Dreameaver or Frontpage, how ca I...