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    Hi there moreover I can suggest you to follow this interesting dite full of free tutorials also regarding post production, I found it very useful: Manfrotto School Of Xcellence
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    Would you help me out please?

    I agree you have to improve the shapes!
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    hi there! I introduce myself!

    thanks a lot Jim u r the only one who answered me! really thanks!
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    Water Proof Point and Shoot....

    it's not my personal experience but my bor has got a D10 and seems pretty satisfied
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    Color Matching Monitor, Windows, PP Output

    Hi there, regarding dispaly marchings I found this tutorial for free, maybe it can be useful to take a look :) it's free after registering Monitor Calibration & More (Advanced Monitor Calibration with Datacolor?s Spyder) : Manfrotto School Of Xcellence
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    I know this is just a snapshot but...

    This is only my poor opinion but I agree with you! :)
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    WOW this guy is very brave

    Me neither :) thank you for posting this!
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    hi there! I introduce myself!

    Hi to everyone! I 'm George, actually living in London, And I'm pretty interested in photography ( and this can be obvious... :) ) I'm a complete beginner, I just purchased a Canon PowerShot G12 Compact Digital , and I think tha the best way to learn is to practice as much as you can! hope to...
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    Canon CF card problem

    I agree. the 1st thing to do is a cross check!