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  1. Heck

    nikon d610 | tell me about it!

    Coming from a D300 I stepped up to the D610. The D300 served me well for years and even made a few bucks without trying. My plan was to get good glass from the start. I had my 70-200 2/8 on my D40x for a while lol. Now I got a full frame to go with that glass. Sure I wanted the 800 but with the...
  2. Heck

    P-04 Laing Hand Held Steadicam Stabilizer For Sale

    Model: P-04 Laing Hand Held Steadicam Stabilizer Condition: Mint as in never used outside the house. Sale Includes: Case and extra weight plates for the base Price: 250.00 US only local pick up. Shipping I have to check. Payments Accepted: Paypal or Cash Possible Trades: It would have...
  3. Heck

    Car video Canon 600d 15-55 kitlens (honda S2000)

    I just started getting into dslr video and seen a ton of car vids. Yours stands out as high quality. Great car, locations and interesting camera views. I seen on Youtube that you only used a tripod for your motion shots and that makes it even more impressive. If I have to point out one thing I...
  4. Heck

    tamron 300mm f2.8 or nikon 70-200 f2.8?

    Agree.. I don't know anything about the Tamron but once you have this combo above it is the end of looking unless your gonna go big time long.
  5. Heck

    D300 and want to try video

    Well I have a D300 and it fits my needs. I been wanting to play with video and the pocket hd cam I picked up is not cutting it for me. I have good glass and was thinking of picking up another body that would be used just for video. If I can be pointed in the right direction that would be great...
  6. Heck

    Anyone using a Sigma 17-50mm f/2.8?

    I have the old 18-50 Sig and what a great bang for the buck it turned out to be.
  7. Heck

    $250 ticket for shooting on a tripod in NYC?

    A warning or a suggestion to move along does not generate 250 dollars for the city. The good people of New York just keep voting for the same tax and spend politicians over and over so they get what they deserve.
  8. Heck

    How good is the Nikon D40?

    Great wedding photos. I had a d40x with great glass and I was never disappointed with what it could do. Then again It was my first dslr so I had no idea how good it was til I went up to the D300.
  9. Heck

    Cybersync Problems

    I pull the battery out the transmitter when not in use. I find it eats up power fast when installed and not in use.
  10. Heck

    So how has TPF been the past few years?

    Seems one needs to learn self defense to be new around here now. I be afraid to post a photo around here lol. Still lots of good people with great info but I don't visit as much as in the past.
  11. Heck

    Movie Review: I am Number Four

    I heard it smelled like number 2
  12. Heck

    another self-portrait cc

    I like the post effect and the expression is good. I would try and remove the small light spot over the right shoulder. I would also sharpen the eyes to make them pop as the photo seems to have a soft effect. Just my 2 cent.
  13. Heck

    More from the protest

    Good shots. It is a really beautiful building.
  14. Heck

    Strobist: Post your photos and setups

    Cool thread. Did this to help a small forum sell some shirts to cover operating cost. Single SB600 shot through a umbrella just off to the right. D300 using cyber synchs triggers and my new Sigma 85 1.4 lens.
  15. Heck

    Ideas for how to market at festivals

    Off the top of my head with your small space and not wanting to spend a lot of more money here are a few ideas. Offer coupons for your services along with giving out your cards. Set up a small studio with a black back round or any solid color and offer a free Facebook size profile head shot if...
  16. Heck

    Kim Kardashian is gonna shoot with me one day

    That might hold true most times but it is more than just a rough reaction he is getting. Now they using his own photos against him to smear him. I call that a gang of bullies who get kicks out of knocking people down. He may be better of on another forum were these types are not encouraged.
  17. Heck

    Lookin for my first dslr

    If I were on a tight budget I would look into something used. People are always upgrading and ready to move great gear at good prices. Just make sure the person you buy from is legit and has a solid rep. That said you can look on the used market and see what you can reach with the grand.
  18. Heck

    More Marauders

    Maybe try and blur the back round more in post. Great cars and good effort.
  19. Heck

    Kim Kardashian is gonna shoot with me one day

    If it is real or fake the haters are gonna hate :lol: I don't blame the OP for hitting the eject button and leaving. Why post on a forum when your most times your gonna be met with a flame fest. I don't understand why all the hate on Kim. What has she done to anyone here? The ladies who knock...
  20. Heck

    Nikon 85mm f/1.4G vs Sigma 85mm f/1.4

    I seen the sig 85 get tested up and down and it seems some people can get a bad copy. But If you get a good one your golden as it is a great lens for the price. I pick up one for myself to be my first prime so I can't give you a expert point of view. AF accuracy seems hard to hit 100% but that I...