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  1. Forest Power Ranger

    Knife people???

    I'm on a knife forum and they have a nice section set aside for photography! A lot of these guys are big into photography too, I just thought that was really cool. So my questions is who here is big into knives as well as photography?? Hell and what other hobbies does everyone have...
  2. Forest Power Ranger

    Critique this now!!!...please. :)

    Playing with the CLS on my D300. Any tips or suggestions?
  3. Forest Power Ranger

    How would you edit these?

    What would you do to these to make them better? Cropping suggestions? Anything? :confused:
  4. Forest Power Ranger

    I have a question... kinda game

    How many pictures have you taken with your main camera body?? Just curious. I've taken 28,205 pictures with my D300 so far. I was surprised! What about you guys? How many? :mrgreen:
  5. Forest Power Ranger


    My name is Jimmy and I'm a photographer. I've been addicted to photography for 2 years. So......what's up?
  6. Forest Power Ranger

    Baseball critique

    Can any one critique these pictures for me? And tips and advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm just starting out in sports photography and really love it and would really enjoy any advice. Thanks. Jimmy Wade
  7. Forest Power Ranger

    double exposure tips anyone????

    If you really want both images to stand out the background must be completely black for both. As for exposure, I've always just had the exposure equal for both images and never had a problem. Don't expose in the same area twice as well. You're get ghosting. Unless that's what you want... idk...