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  1. Kazooie

    Halfbaked lips

  2. Kazooie

    I made a movie

  3. Kazooie

    Got a lense... now what?

    I happened on a cannon clb 120mm f/1.4-2.1 for $15 the other week and jumped on it. I've been interested in video more lately, but money is killer right now. What body would you recommend for a cheapo like me?
  4. Kazooie

    Self Portrait of the Teen Girl

  5. Kazooie

    This Is Drag

  6. Kazooie

    I did a live show again! :D

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  8. Kazooie

    Washedup Tranny Wreck Shoot I was in

    Obv. not my own picture, but don't I look just like a old prostitute?
  9. Kazooie

    Fun In the Sun

    Or not, whatever
  10. Kazooie

    I worked a pole and the streets

    #strippapole - Imgur Because, #yolo?
  11. Kazooie

    Someones photo of me

    Definitely not mine, but it is me!
  12. Kazooie

    Serving some Gatsby Myrtle Realness

    Or, the start of Pride. Also I walked a mile in heels.
  13. Kazooie

    Working Makes Me Mature

    Or, not a girl.
  14. Kazooie

    Just a bit of #blood

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    **** yeah
  16. Kazooie

    #nomakeup (part 2)

    Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's ALL NATURALE.
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  18. Kazooie

    EFS 55-250mm IS+Other Fun Stuff

    So, I don't have a camera anymore. And I'm heading out to college, so I need money. EFS 55-250mm IS-$150 Bag-$50 Monopod-$25 Everything else up for grabs if you buy something. Prices are really negotiable, and buyer pays shipping. Located in Wasilla, Alaska! Did I forget anything?