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  1. bazza

    Super Kids

    Hi all. Haven't posted for a while, kids growing fast and keeping us very busy. Took this today and was very surprised they were all smiling at me.. really tough with 3.. Anyway,
  2. bazza


    Here's one my daughter wanted, pp needed she said.. the worrying thing is she is 4 !!!
  3. bazza

    Wasps nest

    Hi all, just took a wasps nest out of our loft and was amazed at the detail inside.. Here's a couple of pics that I took.. Didn't see the little bug on the wasp untill I looked at the photo.. Anybody know what it is??
  4. bazza

    New Brighton rally stages

    Hi all, We had a road rally stage near here recently, it was fantastic.. Old and new cars against each other.. Anyway, Here's a few pics I got that aren't blurred.. (panning is hard to do, so I stuck to the slower parts.. What a Kop out!!) Thanks Baz...... 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7...
  5. bazza

    Moody Church

    Just experimenting with b&w, not done much of this before. Any c&c welcome, Thanks...
  6. bazza

    Old Joanna..

    I know this is a bit ott but I quite like this effect on this pic.. Looks quite old What do you guys think, can anybody improve it?? Thanks for looking ;)
  7. bazza


    Just a couple from of the great lighthouse in New Brighton.. It was ffreeeezing..
  8. bazza

    Great kids..

    Hello all, just a few posts of 2 of my 3 brilliant children.. (My little girl wanted pink hair and lipstick, so pp needed) My eldest boy tried to race the incoming waves on our local beach.. All cc welcome and needed as very new to people photography, what do you think??
  9. bazza

    Mad Dog??

    Just my dog, wouldn't believe he was 10..
  10. bazza

    Swan neck...

    Shot in conway, just outside the littlest house in britain..
  11. bazza

    Mold, North Wales.

    Just a few.. Just managed to sneak off whilst camping.. C&C as always, welcome.. Cheers.. 1. 2. 3.
  12. bazza

    The fly..

    Hey guys.. Good job these are so small, they are uuugly.
  13. bazza


    Hi all, Just having a try at hdr, what do you think. Any advise would be appreciated. I use Photomatix pro to convert... Ta..
  14. bazza

    Black Sheep..

    Hello all, what do you think of this one. I was trying to find a border to enhance the pic and come up with this one.. C & C always welcome, Cheers..
  15. bazza

    350d error99

    Hello all.. I have a cannon 350d body with an error 99 fault. Could anybody tell me what sort of price I could get for it if any.. Thanks, baz.
  16. bazza

    Weekend away, More shots....

    Here's a few more shots of the sights of Paris.. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. And the new and hopefully improved original... 7. Thanks for looking and as always C & C welcome... Cheers...
  17. bazza

    Weekend away

    Just came back from a fantastic weekend away with my wife in paris.. First time away from the children in 6 years.. One night it just stopped raining enough to get this shot of the tower at night, around midnight, resting on a wall. (no tripod) C & C always welcome plus any tips to improve...
  18. bazza


    Hello all, is this a strange fly or is it just me???
  19. bazza


    Inspired by valentines day and the oppertunity to use my Sigma macro lens, I took this. May look nice on a card or something.. C&C always wanted, Thanks for looking..
  20. bazza

    Few shots...

    Hi guys, not posted in a while.. Here's a few shots I took the other day, one is a HDR attempt. What do yo all think?? Especially the HDR, any tips to make it better? Thanks for looking.. 1. 2.