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  1. windrivermaiden

    Beth (secret revealed)

    So...have you been able to reproduce the effect with regularity?
  2. windrivermaiden

    UV exposure units that are under $2000. Please help.

    oh when paired with a contact printing frame also from B&S. there is no need for vacuum unit.
  3. windrivermaiden

    UV exposure units that are under $2000. Please help.

    Check out Bostick and they have a range of good quality UV units. I have their 16X20. It was around 1000 bucks. It has consistant lighting and is well built.
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    Pinhole of the damned!!

    Let's get back to working on good photography and leave the sensationalistic junk to its own web space.
  5. windrivermaiden

    Alternative Workshop in Jackson Hole

    I'd love to go.... so near my home town...well with in 150 miles but Wyoming close.
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    Family Portrait in gum Dichromate

    Yes I did add more cyan. And I liked the change. I have yet to deliver it. With that many kids, the mom doesn't have much time to make a coffee date. She has no idea it is coming. I can't wait to suprise her.:lol:
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    Proof that I am printing :-)

    photo is now out of date....he is Lance Cpl now! :-D
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    A Question For anyone With A Pinhole Camera

    you can use a tube to cut the angle of view. but in my experience, you will end up with a round image...or a soft edged image depending on the length.
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    enlarged negatives

    It is a mouth full...but you can call me Windy or Crystal.:lol:
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    enlarged negatives

    its been a while since I did any in the darkroom. I used lith film there are several brands. Check They probably have a good book on the subject too. First do a regular B&W enlargement of the negative in the same size that you want to work with in your final contact print. This...
  11. windrivermaiden

    Proof that I am printing :-)

    yes, the answer is yes to both, One can print "pastel", "natural spectrum" or "vivid". My "calculations" are often gut instinct. My formulas for mixing the colors is done by eye with past mixes. I like the inexactness of the process. Sort of like dying Easter eggs...there is some control but I...
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    Carbon Printing Workshop - Alternative Process

    and me stuck here in CA with no time off from work. I aim to try carbon printing some day soon.
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    i'm a beginner >.<

    No, I DO NOT endorse taking other's photos off the web! AND if I were, I surely wouldn't tell people to watermark to help prevent theft. That would be crosspurposes. I'm not paranoid, I've just worked in advertizing and photography for a long time now and I have listened to people talk about...
  14. windrivermaiden

    Family Portrait in gum Dichromate

    This is actually a composite of several photos from this shoot by my better half. I think it still needs a little more cyan tones over all to make up for the yellow cast of the dichromate combined with the warm lighting inside the church. I am going to reprint this later in monochrome...
  15. windrivermaiden

    Proof that I am printing :-)

    Printed in Gum Dichromate, 4 colors, the first layer of yellow did not have enough sensitizer in it so it didn't expose well, that is why there are the blotchy areas. I've found that the UV unit requires a little more sensitizer to gum ratio than full on California sunshine, but I can print when...
  16. windrivermaiden

    Proof that I am printing :-)

    I'm getting the hang of using the UV Unit. I had some trouble with my yellow layer, not enough dichromate sensitizer in the mix for the lower level of the UV from the box. I think this image can be rescued from that damage though. I'm not sure if I'm going to only add a layer of black or add...
  17. windrivermaiden

    i'm a beginner >.<

    but, a watermark can mean the difference between you having the claim on an image and some one taking it from the web for their own profit. Which is done by unscrupulous people EVERY day! Yes, it may seem elitist, but it is the same reasoning behind kids putting their name on their paper in...
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    Pinhole Photograph with 6-month exposure

    A lovely thing to be produced with low tech.
  19. windrivermaiden

    Printing Test strips!!!!

    I finally am getting time to print with my new UV unit. I am so happy.:heart: So far, it is a nice unit. Well constructed. Rugged but not crude. Easy to use. I got it through Bostick and Sullivan. Great company. I also treated myself to a contact printing frame. :lol: So, You should see some...
  20. windrivermaiden

    When Holga Saved the Day

    Thanks for sharing. I have a tree that I have been watching along the 91 since the Freeway Complex Fire, I haven't figured out how to get to it safely, and legally. Fires haunt me.