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  1. Rob A

    Cameras working in low temps...

    hey guys, going skiing in january, and i was thinking of taking both my Canon EOS 600D and also my Olympus OM40. would these cameras work in the low temperature? and also what about the film? im going to one of the highest points in italy so my guess it will be very very cold!! thanks guys
  2. Rob A

    power plant at night

    thanks very much guys. yeh, iv been away for a while, havnt managed to get much photography in but im hoping to start doing alot more again!! thanks! :thumbsup:
  3. Rob A

    power plant at night

    hey guys, just driving home from work and decided to a different way, came across this. what do you think?
  4. Rob A

    my first attempt......

    hi guys, i see what you mean now about the blur. i didnt notice it before. i didnt have a flash or anything, just the natural sunlight. i would like to go back again and try... thanks for all your input!!
  5. Rob A

    my first attempt......

    hey guys, ino its not much, i think its actually a weed.... but anyway, what do you think?
  6. Rob A

    'MUST HAVE' lenses?

    hey guys, i was just wandering what you think are the must have lenses? i am going to london soon and i wana do alot of urban/people photography (a little but like the urban snitch) what lenses would you reccommend? not just for this though, for anything. at the moment i have EF 80-200 and an...
  7. Rob A

    canon EOS 30V 'DATE'

    hey guys, i was just wandering, what is the DATE feature on this camera do? because i have been told i can the date version of the canon EOS 30V if i pay an extra 25£. also, is this a good film camera? i wanted a canon so i can use my lenses from my 300D. thanks guys
  8. Rob A

    orange filters on colour digitals?

    hey guys, i was thinking of buying an orange filter, and i know that they are for giving more contrast in black and white, but if i used them on my canon 300D, and then converted the image to black and white in photoshop (desaturate it or something) will it still work? thanks guys
  9. Rob A


    i know what you mean now about the slant, i didnt realise at first. hows this :-
  10. Rob A


    hey guys, just took this, same pic, different cropping. what do you think? thanks
  11. Rob A

    Menai Bridge

    hey guys, i was just wandering what you though of these? any suggestions on cropping or any othe alterations? thanks! :thumbsup: oh yeh, and im GUTTED about the scafolding :grumpy:
  12. Rob A


    couldnt think of a title sorry... what do u think of this?
  13. Rob A

    Green and Droplets

    very very nice!!! exposure, focus, composition, everything is perfect!! what lense did you use here?
  14. Rob A

    the working enviroment!

    hey guys, took these from my bedroom window (been living on a building site for a year now :grumpy: ) what do you think? im trying to start taking more photos involving people, kinda stealthy like tho, not portraits.... thanks!
  15. Rob A

    use of techniques?

    hey guys, im doing a project in college and i am doing about CCTV footage etc.... and im taking photos that look like CCTV stills, and also some 'forensc' style photos as if someone has broken into a place and im photographing evidence... i have to do some research on techniques and i ma totally...
  16. Rob A

    SMILE!!! :D

    thanks :) he is a burnese mountain dog (i think burnese is spelt right?) hes 1 1/2 years old! also have a girl dog who is about 7 years old.
  17. Rob A

    first attempt at this theme...... Nytmair? :P

    ino what you mean, the driveway was on quite a tilt (this also made it harder to get a good view from right side of the car) but this weekend it will be washed and wer taking it to a nicer setting.... thanks for all your compliments though!!
  18. Rob A

    SMILE!!! :D

    hey guys, kinda snapshots ino, but what do you think?
  19. Rob A

    Spring Melt

    really love how you have taken this pic!! reminds me of one of those conan films with all the ice everywhere, kinda enchanted, earie effect!!