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  1. Raw photographer

    It's been a while!!!

    Shewww! it's been quite a while since I've posted here. Good to be back, here is a photo I took last night of the milky way.
  2. Raw photographer

    How would you edit these photos?

    Took these today, wondering if some of you would be so kind as to edit these, I know how to edit photos, I just want to see your guys take on editing these. Get those creative juices flowing, I can't wait to see how you guys edit them.
  3. Raw photographer

    Startrail Photography!

    This is one of my favorite kinds of photography, I love taking these images, it takes a whole lot of work, but it's worth it. Anyways enjoy.
  4. Raw photographer

    Will EF Super Telephoto Lens Costs come down?

    With all this RF glass coming out could the prices for the (Used) super telephoto EF lenses come down once they produce some super telephoto RF lenses. Correct me if i'm wrong but I believe the longest focal length in RF mount is 200mm. Let me know your thought's on it, thinking about purchasing...
  5. Raw photographer


    Hey everyone, Haven't posted here in a while, good to be back, thought i'd start of with a few recent images of some Mallards. Let me know what ya think.
  6. Raw photographer

    7D mark ii, vs 80D, vs 90D

    Anybody have experience with these cameras and which one do you think is best for the value, i shoot mostly birds/wildlife but shoot a bit of everything. Is the 7D mark ii still worth buying in 2020? Thanks.
  7. Raw photographer

    Canon 90D questions?

    So i've been looking at the new 90D and well i'm thinking it might be a good camera for me, but the one thing i'm confused about is it's resolution. I currently use the Canon Rebel xs, and it's only a 10mp camera and it's very very outdated. So i'm wondering is the 32.5mp high resolution on the...
  8. Raw photographer

    What will i photograph in the winter?

    Hi, Trying to come up with a list of things i want to photograph this winter. Iv'e got a few but it just kinda hit me that there's not much to photograph in winter besides SNOW, SNOW, SNOW AND MORE SNOW. Any ideas for winter photography, i like nature related subjects.
  9. Raw photographer

    Can i post pics here easier?

    Hi, So my pictures dimensions are about 3888x 2592 for most of them anyway. I can't post them here full size, so what i do it open them up in a program called paint, most of you are probably familier with it, anyway i resize them to about 1000x ???? not sure what that number is but then after i...
  10. Raw photographer

    How can I display my images at a craft fair.

    Hi, Im going to a craft fair in my home town soon to sell some things. I want to try and display a couple photos there as well. How can I do that, do i have to actually mat and frame the photos, or is there some way i can display them that I wouldn't have to completely frame them. I could be...
  11. Raw photographer

    Trumpeter Swans

    Captured these beautiful Trumpeter Swans on a little lake, had to stop and get some shots.
  12. Raw photographer

    First Fall Leaves!!!

    Fall is fast approaching, here are some of the first leaves to fall around my house.
  13. Raw photographer

    Last nights sunset

    Hey everyone so good to be back, haven't posted here in a little while, very busy lately, any spare time i get goes to shooting. Anyway here was last nights sunset.
  14. Raw photographer


    A few pics of some killdeer in my backyard.
  15. Raw photographer


    Simple flower in the morning light.
  16. Raw photographer

    Last Nights Moon

    Here are a couple shots from last night. It was really hot so there was a lot of haze.
  17. Raw photographer

    Red Wing Black Birds

    Windy day for bird photography, managed to get these shots.
  18. Raw photographer

    New Lens Problem HELP!!!

    Hi guys, most of you know i just bought myself a new lens, and it's great, love it. But today I had an accident, it was on a tripod and it is a windy day, you probably know where this is going, it blew over and hit right on the front element. There is now a dent beside the glass, it's not on the...
  19. Raw photographer

    Cedar Waxwings (Bird)

    Cedar Waxwings eating some berry's.