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  1. SomeAssemblyReq

    Photo Editing Practice

    Interesting, thank you for the tips - They're really appreciated :)
  2. SomeAssemblyReq

    Photo Editing Practice

    This is just a photo I was attempting some editing on. I wanted to post it here and see if there was anything I should change, or if I'm not seeing something wrong. C&C Definitely welcome. :D Original Photo - Edited Photo -
  3. SomeAssemblyReq

    Post the dogs.

    Snoopy :)
  4. SomeAssemblyReq

    Downtown Houston

    Well I thank you for the honest criticism lol. It's what I need to improve, I appreciate it. For the record, I knew this picture wasn't top quality. But again, thanks for the comments :)
  5. SomeAssemblyReq

    Just a few randoms....

    Way to capture the moment/emotion in your photographs, Nice work!
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    Fantastic work :) I'm a vacant building enthusiast myself, lol so these pictures really hit home. Kind of reminds me of the old Boys' school in Cedar Lake, IN.
  7. SomeAssemblyReq

    Downtown Houston

    Hey all, Just recently got back from a pretty Epic vacation lol. Didn't expect it to last two weeks, but we made a decision halfway through to keep going. Some of the locations were New Orleans, San Antonio, Dallas, Fort Hood, Texas, Roswell, New Mexico, and Denver, Colorado. Needless to say...
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    Small Shop (A Few Pics)

    Hey Curt-Kurt :) Thanks for the comment ^^ And yeah, a lot of the pics are cluttered with nothing special centered in. Like I said, there's nothing real special in them, or very artistic. The shop itself is one big photo opportunity; let alone the town. I plan on going back to Nashville...
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    Small Shop (A Few Pics)

    Here are a few shots I took in a small, artistic shop in downtown Nashville, IN (Gorgeous town). Nothing special, but I wanted to capture a few neat things. :) C&C and General Comments more than welcome. I'm here to learn :)
  10. SomeAssemblyReq

    In Bloom

    Just recently got a few shots of the flowers growing in the area. There are some beautiful plants out this time of year :) C&C is always welcome ^^
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    Watercolor Painting

    I shot this photo at Potato Creek State Park in South Bend, IN in the Summer of 2009. I thought the clouds at the top and some of the colors almost gave it a watercolor feel, hence the title :) As always, C&C welcome ^_^
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    Ah the Warmer Days

    Was going through some of my OLD photos tonight, and I found one from all the way back on Labor Day. If only the weather was still the same here in Northwest Indiana o.O lol Caught this photo of my boyfriend's grandma's dog Holly begging for a piece of hamburger. I swear she has better...
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    Thank you, lmchelaru :) - lol And yep, it was my avatar when I first signed up on the site, johngpt. It's one of my favorite photos that I've taken out in Oxbow Park ^^ Oh, and it's She by the way :p lol
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    Thanks for the posts :) - I think something's missing myself. The sky doesn't look quite right. And I think I should've gotten a better angle on the stone.. I appreciate the comments ^^
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    There Are beautiful pics in this thread :) Lots of them
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    For the Holidays

    I know they're out there. And I know some of you may even be able to relate to my belief, once you see where its origins lie; in an otherwise faithless yet open person such as myself. Angels do exist, in the most unexpected form. And this time of the year is, and always will be, a constant...
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    Shot this in Resurrection Cemetery, Justice, IL. The photo opportunities out there are pretty much neverending lol. I recommend it for any photographers in the area :) C&C always welcome :thumbup:
  18. SomeAssemblyReq

    Oxbow Park Sunset

    Thanks Yemme :) Exactly the feel I was going for
  19. SomeAssemblyReq

    Oxbow Park Sunset

    There's a park just outside Highland, IN that most people don't know is there. It's a little place off by itself that you sort of have to hear about to find. Called Oxbow Park, and it is gorgeous for photos. I took quite a few when I was there recently. Here're just a couple...
  20. SomeAssemblyReq

    Painted Lady

    Thank you :)