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  1. WildBill

    Merlin The Sentinel

    Better heed the warning or feel the wrath of this Merlin! :D Almost looked like a Osprey but much smaller. This was also taken at the Edwin B. Forsyth wildlife refuge. Thanks for looking! Bill
  2. WildBill

    A 19 Degree Day At The Edwin B. Forsythe Wildlife Refuge GBH'S 10 Pic's

    It was a very cold morning with an overnight coating of snow. The brochure says that Great Blue Herons are uncommon this time of year, but I think someone forgot to tell the GBH's, as I saw over 50 take flight at one time! Here are a few that stayed behind, 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 7: 8: 9...
  3. WildBill

    Weeping Willow on a cloudy day

  4. WildBill

    The Local Lake

  5. WildBill

    Green Heron ... Lots of pic's

    Early in the morning on the way to work: 2. 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Thanks for looking, Bill
  6. WildBill

    Black-Bellied Tree-Duck and Questions

    Black-Bellied Tree-Duck I know these pictures are horrible, but it was in the middle of a thunder storm this morning. From what I can find on this guy or girl they are not common to New Jersey. Is this true? If so does anyone have any idea as to what it's doing up this far north...
  7. WildBill

    Some odds and ends

    Just some of the latest. #1 A soggy GBH #2 Another shot (Rain drops are falling on his head, la la la) #3 Some Mallard's #4 #5 A little dryer GBH #6 #7 This little lady was waiting on a train. #8 Thanks for looking, Bill
  8. WildBill

    First Photos with my new lens

    Here are a few shots with my new 80-400mm vr lens. #1 #2 #3 #4 I LOVE IT!!! Thanks for looking! Bill
  9. WildBill

    Unknown? ID help please

    These birds had nested on the roof of the shop where I work. This day the Crows were on the attack and the parents some how moved then to the ground. Sadly two of three did not make it to the nex day, and I could not find the third or the parents either, so I hope the last one made it. The...
  10. WildBill


    Just a few sunsets. #1 #2 Fire in the sky. #3 #4 #5 Thank's for looking, Bill
  11. WildBill

    Osprey In Flight

    7 shots from the ride home from work today: #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 Now if I only had some real glass. D-50 Tamron 100-300 f4.5-5.6 (loaner)
  12. WildBill

    Along the trail Saturday afternoon not 56k friendly sorry

    A daddy, daughter nature walk produced a wide variety of animals. We also saw a garden snake but it was too shy to have it's picture taken. Thanks for looking, Bill
  13. WildBill

    Strange Big Eared and Big Eyed Bird

    Boy how the neighborhood has changed. :biggrin: What big ear's What big eye's you have for a bird. Thanks for looking, Bill
  14. WildBill


    Two Egrets from yesterday, D-50 with the 70-300mm: Thanks for looking, Bill
  15. WildBill

    Happy Easter!

    What Easter would be complete without Bunny's! Happy Easter, Bill
  16. WildBill

    Crane or Egret?

    Here is two from Sunday late evening: Not enough light made them kind of soft, Bill
  17. WildBill

    Up the river at Atlantic County Park NJ

    Lunch break shot: Thanks For looking, Bill
  18. WildBill

    Some Mallards From The Other Day

    #1: D 50 1/200 F 5.3 240mm #2: D 50, 1/125, F 5.6, 135mm, ISO 400 #3: D 50, 1/500, F6, 400mm, ISO 560 #4: D 50, 1/500, F6, 400mm, ISO 640 #5: D 50, 1/500, F5.6, 200mm, ISO 400 #6: D 50, 1/640, F6, 400mm, ISO 400 #7: D 50, 1/500, F6. 330mm ISO 400 #8: D 50 1/640, F5.6, 210mm, ISO 400 #9...
  19. WildBill

    My new website

    Here is my new website WildBills Photos Let me know what you think. Thanks, Bill
  20. WildBill

    Pro Cambron 2X MC7 N/AFD Teleconverter Lens for Nikon

    Pro Cambron 2X MC7 N/AFD Teleconverter Lens for Nikon. Is this any good or is a piece of junk? Thanks, Bill