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  1. JCleveland

    Lowepro slingshot camera bag.... Anyone have one?

    I have the 200, I find it hurts my back after awhile, and I desperately want to switch shoulders lol. I love the easy access though! I am thinking of getting a backpack style bag for those longer treks
  2. JCleveland

    Borders on prints v.s. cropping to a full bleed aspect ratio

    I have never seen a professional give bordered prints as the default, personally. I think that's kind of odd, although I do understand where you're coming from. (So if someone were to want a standard 5x7 and looking for frames, they would have weird white edges peeping through?)
  3. JCleveland

    About me / Biography Videos

    I haven't actually seen that yet. but i LOVE IT!
  4. JCleveland

    Half way through the busy season...

    I too said WOW. All I can say is FAB FAB FAB. I absolutely adore viewing your work. As multiple others have mentioned, your work is inspiring. Thanks for sharing!
  5. JCleveland

    3 year old twin girls in studio

    Although losing moms hair, I MUCH prefer the original set you posted. (as mentioned, a hairlight would have helped) I still really like 'em =) The subject matter trumps the technical issues (hairlight issue) imho!
  6. JCleveland

    All in White

    Interesting idea. Not my taste though.. My first thought was why is she holding an orb lol, then I realized it had the 'painted' effect. It's nice to see someone offering something original to a client! Glad she liked it!
  7. JCleveland

    Little 1 year old!

    I love #4! (I'm a huge fan of lotsa bling for little girls!!)
  8. JCleveland


    I also thing they could be a touch warmer. What cuties!
  9. JCleveland

    Maternity Session

    I really like 13, and 16 totally cracks me up!
  10. JCleveland

    A Black and White Wedding

    can't wait to see more! my fave is the last!
  11. JCleveland

    Cute five week old

    lol Cute baby, but I would like to see more of him, rather than the top of his head and name ;)
  12. JCleveland

    How to photograph scarf for sale

    get it on someone definitely! Personally when I'm looking at purchasing some sort of attire, I like to see it on someone\human form of some kind. Even if this happens to be just for 'craigslist', etc... I don't think having it propped up will do it any justice.
  13. JCleveland

    Summer Weddings, Engagements and blog love

    Brittany, I think you're flippin' awesome. I adore the severed limbs, 'inappropriate' locations, one subject taking precedence over another, etc, etc, etc. You are such an inspiration, especially to younger photographers! Just putting it out there, if you're ever in Saskatoon I'll be the first...
  14. JCleveland

    Canada Lens Rentals?

    I'm in Saskatchewan, and can't seem to find anything other than the mentioned.. Curious to see if anyone else has some input!
  15. JCleveland

    Mr & Mrs Elvis

    lol wow your shoots are intense. That second post is hilarious!
  16. JCleveland

    My First Post

    It's lacking a bit of contrast, Very interesting subject though.
  17. JCleveland

    Kerri [2 pics]

    her teeth look like they are glowing in number one lol they're a bit dark for my taste.. although my monitor isn't calibrated so take that comment with a grain of salt. I think overall I like the first the best. her expression, her positioning, that dress...
  18. JCleveland

    Mr & Mrs Elvis

    I adore "king for a day" as well as the first.. the flip flops is what does it for me lol. Thanks for sharing!