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  1. Heck

    P-04 Laing Hand Held Steadicam Stabilizer For Sale

    Model: P-04 Laing Hand Held Steadicam Stabilizer Condition: Mint as in never used outside the house. Sale Includes: Case and extra weight plates for the base Price: 250.00 US only local pick up. Shipping I have to check. Payments Accepted: Paypal or Cash Possible Trades: It would have...
  2. Heck

    D300 and want to try video

    Well I have a D300 and it fits my needs. I been wanting to play with video and the pocket hd cam I picked up is not cutting it for me. I have good glass and was thinking of picking up another body that would be used just for video. If I can be pointed in the right direction that would be great...
  3. Heck

    For my 911th Post

    Never Forget Just got my budget strobist kit and seeing my post count gave me a idea for shooting a subject I had for 10 years. This was shot via a SB600 shot through a umbrella using cybersync triggers. 1/200 F 2.8 50mm
  4. Heck

    FS Tarmrac Aero Speed Pack 85 Bag

    Item for Sale: Tarmrac 3385 Aero Speed Pack 85 Approximate age of item: 6 months Item Condition: Used only once. This bag is brand new and not even broken in. Price: 75 shipped Payments Accepted: Paypal or Alert Pay shipped or / Cash for local pickup Shipping Methods Available (Ships...
  5. Heck

    Dark 1911

    Playing with off camera flash and heavy pp. Thanks for looking.
  6. Heck

    Simple Gull in flight

    I thought I just post this as its a personal best for me. Been trying to make a effort to be in the right place at the right time.
  7. Heck

    Hand on heart

    Took some photos at a old local cemetery and tried my hand at some B&W.
  8. Heck

    First photo of the moon for me.

    The sky was clear for once in New York so I was out on the law in Pj's 1am shooting the moon. These are my first moon shots that Im happy with. 70-200 2.8 on a tripod. D300, f/5.6 @ 155 mm, 1/250, ISO 250, No Flash
  9. Heck

    Good cheap set up for off camera flash?

    I been thinking about getting a basic kit for some off camera flash shots. I got a D300 with a sb600. I would need a remote flash trigger system and I think I would need a umbrella. Easy to transport and cost effective is the goal. Tanking photos of people to cars is what im planning to use this...
  10. Heck

    Heart Island aka Potters Field

    I took a run in the boat today really looking for some dolphins that were spotted in the area but I did not spot any. So I passed Potters Field and came in close for a few snapshots. No CC is necessary but you can if you wish, This is really just a share. Thanks for looking. This place has so...
  11. Heck

    Few more from Airshow

    Jones Beach NY air show. 1 2 3
  12. Heck

    A 10 At Jones Beach NY

    I went down to check out the practice sessions for this weekends air shows and got this shot. It was somewhat hazy and my 200mm was pushed to the max. My first airshow and felt like I needed way more lens :blushing:
  13. Heck

    Jones Beach NewYork Air Show

    I never been to one but I have a plan to get some shots without going to the show :sexywink:. There may be pratice runs before the event this weekend (may 23,24) Maybe a mini meet up if we can make the same day or spot. This is what I'm thinking of doing. I want to hit at least one day of...
  14. Heck

    Gun Photo.

    chopped in the skull on the gun and got a chance to use my sb 600 flash with a diffuser.
  15. Heck

    HDR of a pickup truck.

    I had a little fun with this shot of my truck. Fake HDR with one photo.
  16. Heck

    Old photo new tricks..

    This is a photo that a friend took of my old car..It was just parked in a lot at high noon with a point and shoot.. This is before I got into cameras. So I took it into photoshop and did a make over.
  17. Heck

    Lowepro Sling 100aw Camera Bag

    Had this bag for my D40x but I upgraded to a D300 and a 70 to 300 lens I need more room.. This is as good as new and Ill take 45 Shipped.
  18. Heck

    "I wish I'd had a gun"

    The title is a quote from a photographer who took what looks to be a well known photo during the Mumbai attacks.. I wonder If I were in his place would I do the same he did.. Link to news story.. Cliff notes: Mumbai...
  19. Heck

    Back Yard Deer

    Had one foot in the door and one out while taking these.. Saved myself a hike in the wood.. ;)
  20. Heck

    FS Nikon D40X Body and Extras!!!

    Now is your chance to own the best camera ever made!!! EVER!!!! Well ok maybe its not the best but its pretty damn good for the money. Or a nice backup body for cheap insurance. But if your in this forum I don't have to tell you much about this.. this #$#% sells itself! One Nikon D40x Body...